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how to use oVertone

We’re Answering Your Most Asked Questions

With our newest For Brown Hair colors going live next week, we wanted to give you the opportunity to ask us anything. From the best way to apply, to the starting hair colors that work best, to what to anticipate with your results; we’re giving you all the answers you’ve been looking for.  

Question One: If it’s a conditioner, not dye, how does it work? Do I need to pre lighten my hair?

oVertone works by using hair’s existing porosity plus hot water to open the cuticle, allowing color to deposit. We recommend saturating your hair with the Coloring Conditioner while it’s dry, because dry hair tends to be better at absorbing pigment.

Because the For Brown Hair shades were specifically formulated to produce results on brown hair, there’s no pre-lightening necessary. As a heads up, these shades won’t show up on jet black starting hair colors and, because of the high levels of pigment, will produce even brighter color results on blonde or highlighted sections.  

Question Two: What makes the For Brown Hair shades different than the Extreme shades?

Simply put, the pigment. The For Brown Hair shades contain higher levels of pigment and, depending on color,  they also contain more warm or cool pigments to either counteract or complement the warm undertones found in naturally brown hair to produce true to hue results.

Question Three: Can I apply it to already colored or color faded hair?

Definitely! If the For Brown Hair shade you choose is similar to the current or faded color of your hair, it will essentially work to refresh your shade. If you’ve recently added a brown shade to your hair, you will still see results, but they might be fairly subtle after your first application. As an example, our Blue for Brown Hair model, CJ, usedBlue for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner after applying Chocolate Brown Coloring Conditioner and experienced a subtle, midnight blue result.  

If you currently have a fantasy color as your starting shade, we recommend choosing a complementary shade using the color wheel. Learn more about applying a new color over an existing color here. 

Question Four: How long will it last?

This is probably our most asked question! The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. There are a variety of reasons color can stay or fade, and it’s longevity is unique to your hair. If your hair has any sort of damage, color will likely remain longer. Our best tips for maintaining your color involve shampooing as infrequently as your hair allows, and using our Daily Conditioners in between Coloring Conditioner uses. You can read more about it here

Question Five: When can I buy it?

If you joined our VIP list, 2/11. If not, all the new shades will be available for purchase on 2/12. 

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