Transition From Red To Rich Black

If you’re feeling like your hair could use something new but you’re not sure how to go about covering your current color, we have a feeling Rich Black might just KEEP READING

Customized, Curl-Friendly Color

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer (@itslololove) might have short curly hair, but her resume of impressive feats is just the opposite. As a disability lifestyle influencer, creator, actor, model, and speaker, it’s KEEP READING

oVertone IRL

What to Expect from your For Brown Hair shade: Indoors vs Outdoors

Depending on how dark your brown starting hair color is, after application, you might feel like the results are more subtle than you were expecting. But, just so you know, KEEP READING

how to use oVertone

How to Color Brown Hair Without Bleaching

You don’t need to damage your brown hair for bold color. Or even to add a little dimension to your current brown hair color.

how to use oVertone

We’re Answering Your Most Asked Questions

With our newest For Brown Hair colors going live next week, we wanted to give you the opportunity to ask us anything. From the best way to apply, to the KEEP READING