Hair Diaries: Going Ginger with Sarah Anne

When we released our newest Basics shades, we felt confident people would fall in love with the five versatile colors. And while we don’t play favorites, it’s clear that one KEEP READING

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Recreate the Color of the Year

2020’s “Color of the Year” is a cool, calming shade of blue called “Classic Blue.” According to the experts, this shade was chosen because “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this KEEP READING

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Two Ways To Wear Rich Black

We felt like our deepest shade needed its own appreciation post to show how beautiful this intense black hue truly is. To demonstrate Rich Black’s multi-dimensional impact, we asked content KEEP READING

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All About Backorder

We know it’s never ideal to have to wait for products once you’ve found your perfect color, but unfortunately, backorder happens. While we work as hard as we can to KEEP READING

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Troubleshooting Silver Hair

Silver is most definitely one of the more complicated colors to try and execute with oVertone. Due to the pigments that create Silver, your starting color needs to be either KEEP READING