oVertone in Real Life

oVertone is the perfect hair color companion for any lifestyle! Check out how people from all walks of life use oVertone as part of their daily routines.

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Healthy hair is in! Here are our expert tips on hair protection and maintaining both your color and hair health.

Hair Tutorials

Braids, split tones, ombre, loose waves — you name it, we’ve got a how-to for it.? Our hair tutorials are here to help you learn everything from styling to how to color hair at home.

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All About Protective Styles with Stylist Kelly Wood

Bi-costal stylist Kelly Wood is not only knowledgeable about hair of every type, protective styles and texture, but also passionate about continuously learning and sharing her knowledge. That’s why we KEEP READING

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Celeb Stylist Ursula Stephen Gives Us The FAQs

We get it: hair care seems hard. Different types, different textures, different colors; how do you decide which hair care routine is the best fit for you? Well, you ask KEEP READING

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oVertone vs Traditional Dye. What’s The Difference?

oVertone is a Coloring Conditioner, not a dye. Now that we’ve covered that super important piece of information, let’s move onto the things that make them different. While on the KEEP READING

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The Benefits Of Using A Toning Conditioner

You might be familiar with using a toning shampoo on your pre-lightened hair, but less familiar with using a toning conditioner. You might also be unsure about the benefits of KEEP READING

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Troubleshooting Silver Hair

Silver is most definitely one of the more complicated colors to try and execute with oVertone. Due to the pigments that create Silver, your starting color needs to be either KEEP READING