hair care

Healthy hair is in! Here are our expert tips on hair protection and maintaining both your color and hair health.

hair care

The Hair Gift Guide

Shopping season is officially underway! As much fun as it is to secure the perfect gift, the anxiety that goes with having no clue what to buy is zero fun. KEEP READING

how to use oVertone

Which Remedy Is Right For You?

We all need a little extra hydration sometimes. So whether that means drinking more water or spending 10-15 minutes giving your hair a little in-shower TLC, we support it. In KEEP READING

hair care

What Colors Can You Put on Brown Hair?

If you have tried coloring your brown hair a vivid color before, only to step out of the shower still brown as ever, we feel you. Don’t reach for the KEEP READING

hair care

What’s Wrong With Making DIY Color Conditioner?

Why couldn’t you just make your own dye-conditioner cocktail instead of buying oVertone? Well, you could, but you could also bleach your own hair – and there’s a reason most KEEP READING

hair care

How to Protect Colored Hair When Swimming

Strip down for a skinny dip? Yes please. Stripped color? No thanks. For those of us who dig water in the summer, it can be tough on our hair.  What’s KEEP READING