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How to Color Brown Hair Without Bleaching

So, Start at the Beginning

It’s no secret that we’re pretty big fans of bold, vivid color. But, on the flipside, we also firmly believe in creating the kindest, healthiest hair color you’ve ever tried. So if you have brown hair and you’re looking for a change, you’ll find the best color products made just for dark strands and the reasons they work below. And, spoiler alert, none of those reasons involve bleach and/or lighteners. 

So, Will it Work?

While it might seem obvious, we’ll make it clear: the darker your starting shade, the more subtle your results. That being said, our For Brown Hair line was specifically formulated to produce results on brown base colors, including dark brown hair. 

If you’re wondering what makes our For Brown Hair Coloring Conditioners different than our Extreme Coloring Conditioners, it’s all in the pigment. Our For Brown Hair colors not only contain intense levels of pigment, they also contain more warm pigments which complement already-warm brown base shades, and can more easily tackle naturally brown hues.  

So, What’re my Options?

That depends on what you’re looking for. Our current For Brown Hair family includes: 

Pink for Brown Hair

Purple for Brown Hair

Blue for Brown Hair

Green for Brown Hair

Orange for Brown Hair

Rose Gold for Brown Hair

Red for Brown Hair

Shop For Brown

If you have light brown hair color or medium-golden brown hair color, you fall into the range of our recommended starting shades. Also, be aware conditioners will show up brighter on hair with highlights (specifically blonde highlights), and if you have black hair, color will not show up at all. 

Less-traditional color not your thing? Check out the Basics, which are colors designed to enhance your natural color, and will potentially produce results if you skew more dark haired (chocolate brown or chestnut brown).  

Shop Basics

Whichever shade you opt for, you can always turn up the brightness by double applying the Coloring Conditioner (so wash, rinse, dry, repeat) or turn it down a bit by using a clarifying shampoo. We also recommend using the corresponding shade of Daily Conditioner to maintain every time you shower. 

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