Hair Tutorials

Braids, split tones, ombre, loose waves — you name it, we’ve got a how-to for it.? Our hair tutorials are here to help you learn everything from styling to how to color hair at home.

hair tutorials

All About Protective Styles with Stylist Kelly Wood

Bi-coastal stylist Kelly Wood is not only knowledgeable about hair of every type, protective styles and texture, but also passionate about continuously learning and sharing her knowledge. That’s why we KEEP READING

hair tutorials

Fall Hair Trends

As the seasons start to change, you might also be looking for a change. And one of the best things about oVertone is that we make it really easy (and KEEP READING

hair tutorials

Dilution: The Custom Color Solution

With a Pastel, Vibrant, Extreme, and For Brown Hair shade in almost all of our Coloring Conditioners, it’s safe to say that you have options when choosing your next hair KEEP READING

hair tutorials

How To Transition To A New Color

So you’re ready to try a new shade—we can’t say we blame you, there are just too many good ones to try. If the only thing keeping you from your KEEP READING

hair tutorials

How To Maintain Your Hair Color In The Summer

If you’ve been maximizing your time outside or going for a swim, we can’t blame you. The only downside to spending so much time outdoors is the possible decline of KEEP READING