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Hair Diaries: Going Ginger with Sarah Anne

When we released our newest Basics shades, we felt confident people would fall in love with the five versatile colors. And while we don’t play favorites, it’s clear that one color quickly became the most beloved. The color? Our spiciest shade yet, Ginger.

With its vivid combination of orange, red, and yellow hues, it’s not surprising that Ginger found its way onto the mane of one of our favorite content creators, Sarah Anne (@tonsablush). We had Sarah Anne walk us through how oVertone contributes to her identity, and tell us all about why she felt drawn to Ginger.


Sarah Anne

About Me:

I’m a 32 year old plus size blogger with ginger red hair from Toronto, Ontario. I love fashion, makeup and Christmas movies! 


Toronto, Ontario

Starting hair color and texture: 

Faded ginger and fine hair

Person in an orange shirt with Ginger hair takes a picture in the mirror.
Why oVertone? 

I want to keep my hair health while keeping my hair looking fresh.

What made you choose Ginger? What was your #hairgoal? 

I’ve had previous experience with oVertone and jumped at the chance to use Ginger on my very faded hair. My hair has become super damaged since going red, as it requires lots of maintenance even after 3 weeks.

What do you like about Ginger Coloring Conditioner? 

It’s deeply conditioning and makes my hair look fresh and vibrant. oVertone is also incredibly easy to apply and saturate my hair.

What sets oVertone apart from other hair coloring products you’ve used?

Quality and the fact that I can trust 100% in the product. I know that whatever I’m using in my hair will protect my hair health and give me the results I’m looking for.

Do you bleach your hair? 

Yes, I do!

Tell us your typical hair routine. 

I wash my hair every 3 days and use a silk pillowcase at night.

How do you maintain your Ginger color?

I like to use a colour protective shampoo, as well as keeping hair washing to a minimum.

A person in an orange sweater with Ginger hair stands in a doorway and looks away from the camera.
How does your hair make you feel like you?

In every single way. Being a redhead has changed so much about me, from my personal style to now how I’m known to people in my life. 

Final thoughts about oVertone? 

I’m in love with the new ginger conditioner and the colour results. My hair felt so silky, smooth and conditioned after colouring my hair and that’s all I can ask for. Getting salon results at home is a game changer!

What should people know about your hair journey?  

My hair journey has been a year long feat, trying to get the perfect colour for me. Now that I have an at home option, maintaining that will be so much easier. I’ve also have incredible damage done to my hair as a result, so giving it a bit of a rest will be great!

Convinced Ginger is your color? Grab it and start your own hair journey with Ginger today.

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