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All About Backorder

We know it’s never ideal to have to wait for products once you’ve found your perfect color, but unfortunately, backorder happens. While we work as hard as we can to avoid it, there are certain circumstances that are out of our control. If you’re wondering why it happens, we’ve put together some answers to our most asked questions.

What causes products to go on backorder?

One of the most important aspects of creating products like our Daily and Coloring Conditioners is ensuring consistency and a high quality standard. There are a variety of factors outside of our control that can affect quality, so if a specific batch isn’t up to standards, we won’t release it into our inventory (you trust us with your hair, and we take that trust to heart). 

Another factor that can contribute to backorder is weather. Weather, especially during the winter months, can cause delays in the shipping and receiving of the raw materials we need to create your conditioners. Also, during seasons where there’s an emphasis on shopping (we’re looking at you, Black Friday) unforeseen purchase volume can lead to us placing items on backorder. In times like those, we hustle hard to speed up our normal processes to make up for any delays.

We do our best to anticipate sales but, even after more than five years in business, we are still blown away by the overwhelming love and support from the oVertone community, who continue to choose us as their hair color brand. Anytime multiple items go on backorder, we all huddle in a conference room to figure out solutions with supply chain and beyond, to ensure we minimize the occurrence in the future. We are not a brand run by faceless suits, we are real humans who care deeply for our customers.


When will I get my order?

While we can’t guarantee your order will arrive on a specific date, we make every effort possible to ship orders containing a backordered product within a two week window. If you’ve ordered multiple products, we will hold off on shipping your full order until your backordered items are back in-stock. This practice helps us to significantly minimize our eco-footprint. 

If you have questions about  your order, we recommend checking the status via your initial order confirmation email or by logging in to your oVertone account. We will also send a follow-up email with tracking information once your entire order has shipped.

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