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Tone At Home With Our New Kits

Achieving your dream hair color is no small task, so when you start to see signs of brassiness in your blonde or light brown hair, a little maintenance becomes vital. If you haven’t toned before, or you’re looking to skip a salon visit, we’ve got the toning kit you need to get your hair back to the color you fell in love with. 

Here’s how we recommend you tackle toning with our newest kits:

Start By: 

Determining if you need our Blue Toning Kit or our Purple Toning Kit. The general rule is to use the color on the opposite side of the color wheel to neutralize the unwanted color.  

The Blue Toning Kit is perfect if:

You’re looking to get rid of orange undertones

The Purple Toning Kit is perfect if:

You’re looking to get rid of yellow undertones

Once You: 

Have the kit you need to neutralize your unwanted undertones, combine The Remedy for Fine Hair and the Daily Conditioner in the recommended ratio.

Then We: 

Really, really (like really) recommend you strand test. Learn more about strand testing here. Strand testing is the key to avoiding unwanted color transfer of purple or blue shades. Adjust the ratio as necessary based on your strand test results. That means if your hair is pretty heavy with unwanted undertones, and the recommended ratio didn’t quite tone them all out, go heavier on the Daily Conditioner. If a little purple or blue tinge is showing up, dilute the Daily Conditioner with more of The Remedy for Fine Hair.  

When You’re: 

Confident in your combination, and you’ve strand tested, jump in the shower and thoroughly wet your hair. Then, apply the combination (making sure to cover all strands evenly), and rinse immediately. If you have a lot of hair, or it’s very thick, apply and rinse in sections to avoid over-toning.


Style your freshly toned hair as usual.

If you’re feeling like a toning pro, it’s time to pick your kit and get your hair back on track.

Get The Purple Kit

Get The Blue Kit

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  • Cassandra Morgan says:

    Can I use this on my salon colored platinum blonde? I am already naturally blonde, I just went lighter and still pulled warm.

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