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Do oVertone Color Conditioners work on naturally gray hair?

After years of society telling women they need to cover any and all signs of aging, we are finally saying f*ck that.

We love our gray hair, and even though gray hair is a to-dye-for trend all on its own, some of us like to change it up with some vivid color — and we’re here for it.

But how DOES oVertone work with naturally gray hair?  Does it work well, or does it not work at all? 

Well, here’s what we know:

1. All gray hair reacts a little differently to color because the structure of the strand is very different from the structure of a white-blonde bleached strand. We see some people apply our conditioners to naturally gray, white, or salt-and-pepper hair and it soaks the color right up. Others have gray hairs that are more stubborn and don’t like to take color unless you process with traditional dye, which contains cuticle-opening chemicals that you won’t find in oVertone products.

2. One of our clients had the following advice in the Offbeat Home comment section:

“I tried vibrant and extreme purple, teal, and blue samples on my virgin 30-50% grey hair (very healthy, actually white, not grey, nor is it wiry) after the first offer and got some nice results. Leave on for 30 min+ and wrap in plastic or a disposable cap. The color was subtle with vibrant (more like pastel in the white areas) and more noticeable with extreme. Saw no color deposition on my non-white hair (which is dark ash blonde). I didn’t try to maintain, but the extreme lasted 3-plus washes after one 30 min treatment, and the vibrant lasted at least 2. Loved the blue and purple colors, teal didn’t look as good with my coloring, even though I look awesome in teal.

Definitely lots of fun and less messy than chalks for some temporary color fun! Will be using this to restock in extreme blue and purple, which look awesome pieced on my hair.”

Do you use oVertone on your gray? Got any tips for those looking to change it up? We want to know about it, and we want to see it! Post your pics and tag #oVertoneColor so we can check them out and share them with the world!

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13 comments on “Do oVertone Color Conditioners work on naturally gray hair?”

  • Dianne says:

    I have dark brown hair that’s about 50 percent gray. I am very allergic to standard dye. I used Overtone purple on some of my gray two days ago and I am pleased to say it’s awesome! I was lucky in that my gray hair took to the color immediately. I’m looking forward to doing more, and to trying the rose gold.

  • Lynne G says:

    Have only done a test strand so far, but I’m delighted with the amount of color and the way it looks on my grey. My hair is longish and pretty curly and my natural color is/was dark brown with reddish highlights. My grey is pretty silver and a bit wiry, maybe 40-50%. I tested a small strand over my ear, where the grey is more pronounced. Used the rose gold for brown hair, deep conditioner on dry hair, left on about 30 mins and after rinsing did my usual shampoo/conditioner, just because it was time. My grey is a delightful pastel fuchsia-ish tone, and the brown shows a nice glimmer of the color. Will do the whole head next, and am guessing that if I don’t do my usual shampoo/condition after the effect will be more pronounced. Really having fun with this! Thank you.

  • Patty says:

    I am a medium light blond by nature, with about 50% gray – my family all gray’s eventually to that lovely silver white that makes those who have gotten there very happy. I still have some of the darker gray, some of the silver white and some blond. I use the purple pastel and am happy to say, I get a lovely soft pastel lavender look throughout. While not every strand absorbs it, the hair that does gives me a stripy lavender and I get a ton of compliments on my hair. I’ve used L’oreal Feria in pastel lavender before I discovered oVertone, and hope to never have to use the harsh stuff again. Thanks to the ladies who came up with this brilliant product!

  • Ellen M Jeranek says:

    Ah, but…there’s grey, silver and white hair! Thanks to my mom’s side of the family I started turning silver in my early 40s, and was all silver by 50. Having fun with the rose gold! Tried the Daily Conditioner on wet hair for 10 min and have a lovely pale pastel shade. Next time I’ll use it on dry hair and amp it up a bit, hey heh. At 67,it’s fun being the neighborhood eccentric! I will be back for more shades soon. LOVE this stuff!

  • Rachel says:

    I have some grey chunks in my hair near the temples, and I have fine, thick, THIRSTY hair. For that reason I get great colour deposit. I use the extreme range deep treatment, it gives me a very strong colour result that will last about 3 weeks to a month. I leave it in for a long while, maybe 45 minutes. While it does fade a little, it stays pretty vibrant. Partly because I use the daily conditioner when I wash it, but probably moreso because I do not wash my hair daily – more like twice a week. I rarely use hairdryers or styling tools. I use a gentle, non-sls shampoo to keep it in good condition, I find harsh ones really strip out the colour. As I have longer hair, I notice that the growth further away from the scalp keeps colour longer, and the area near the scalp is faster to loose colour (particularly blue). Not sure if it is a matter of environmental exposure, incremental dye build up, or what… I will soon be trying the pastel range as an experiment, I recently had some chemical lightening on some of the brown parts of my hair to make my grey chunks look a bit more ‘integrated’ – It will be interesting to see how the colour picks up and stays in the grey versus the bleached…just waiting for my parcel to arrive! BTW my brown hair also takes on the colour well, certainly not as vividly as the grey – but in sunshine it gives off a very stunning reflect, depending on the colours I use. I generally rotate between mixing warmer tones such as orange and pink or cooler such as blue and red. I’ve even tried an oil slick a few times and it looks pretty cool. I’ve been using this product for at least 3 years. It’s really excellent.

  • Tovah Perrault says:

    I have Grey hair, actually, almost white since I was 18. At 52 I just could NOT put anymore chemicals in my hair, body, head etc. Most freeing thing I’ve done! Of course I say that with some hypocrisy as it took 4 months of SLOWLY stripping and lightening with the lowest levels of peroxide and bleach as well as my beloved Olaplex so I didn’t go bald as I just do NOT have a nice noggin shape for that wicked look!
    Well, FINALLY, I’m here!
    I bought Rose gold and Lilac/Lavender. I did Rose Gold and it came out GORGEOUS but in photos it look fuchsia but trust me, IRL, it most certainly IS Rose Gold and it was gorgeous. I have to say, it lasted far far far longer than indicated on my great/white hair and took forever to fade out, which was fine with me!
    Hair fell AWESOME and I have to say, it’s a MUST to get the color conditioner of chosen color. It truly makes loads of difference in a GREAT way and I highly reccd!

    I have a question…..would you, WILL you EVER consider making a WHITE? I know it sounds nuts but…..to brighten up a grey or to add white highlights to dark hair without the “till death/cut do we part” would be awesome! There’s a “wax/pomade” out there that does a silver and a white but it’s super thick paste and while it works great on short hair, on long, it’s just weight and stiff, like a pomade wax would be expected to perform.
    I’m just soooooo curious if your master magical chemists could indeed create a WHITE to do and act like your other Colors? Even if it’s JUST to brighten a grey haired old broad like me, wow, would it sell because none of us want to bleach it for that vibrant look! NONE of us!
    Thoughts, ohhhhh great wizards of hair? It would be soooooo cool!!

    Looking forward to a response and happy to be a test human any time if needed!! Rather me than poor helpless Bun Bun!!

    Keep on creating cuz I’m pleased and proud to hand out your website to strangers on the street!!

    Best always,
    PS: if you want to see my Rose Gold photos I’m happy to give them to you for your use but I’m not on FB or Instagram…. sorry.

    • Alee says:

      Hey Tovah! First, thanks SO much for sending us over some love!!! ❤️❤️❤️

      As far as making a white Color Conditioner – because our products don’t lift or lighten hair at all, a White Color Conditioner wouldn’t make hair white (as white hair that doesn’t occur naturally definitely requires bleaching!) or have the effect most clients would be looking for – we’d most likely end up with a lot of disappointed humans!

      That being said, we can totally help tone brassiness out to help keep a white (natural or otherwise) going!

      For the best advice, send an email with a picture of your current hair with lots of natural light and no filters along with an inspo pic over to our Color Consultants at hi@overtone.co and they will totally help you out!

      And last but not least – we would NEVER test on Bun bun! We love our furry friends and have never conducted animal testing!

  • Donna Day says:

    My hair is very dark brown, almost black. I started getting white hair when I was 10 and now it’s all throughout my hair, particularly around my face. I use the Extreme Blue or Purple, applying it all over. Since my hair is so dark, it doesn’t absorb the color, but the white hairs do. The end result is that it looks as if I put colored highlights in my hair- making me look younger! It’s subtle indoors (which is good considering my job) and really pops in the sunlight.

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