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#myhairmystory: the docuseries

Wanting the download of every #myhairmystory clip? You’ve come to the right place. Our goal for these videos was to start a conversation about what hair means to each person – how it’s so much more than just hair, it’s a representation of self.


“I was 14 the first time I dyed my hair. It made me feel powerful in a period of time when I didn’t feel like I had any power.”


“Things are changing in the industry, you’re seeing more African-American women rocking natural hair. I have not considered anything but my natural hair!”


“I love when people ask me if my hair inhibits my work because it absolutely doesn’t. If you worried about other people’s opinions, you would never be able to make a decision on anything.”


“Anyone can look a certain way. It doesn’t really define who they are at all, but it definitely does not make me who I am. I just think it makes me… more of who I am.”


“Changing my hair opens me up to new experiences…[it] makes me more comfortable calling people out.”


Jaylon Sewell is a teenager who stood up against discrimination after his school told some black students that their bleached hair, locs & braids were “a disruption to the educational process”.

What’s your story? Join the conversation by using the tag #myhairmystory!
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