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Best of: #myhairmystory

When we launched #myhairmystory this year, our goal was to amplify stories that needed to be heard, especially the kind of stories that the beauty industry refuses to exist unless they profit from it. The stories we have seen so far are so, so humbling. And they’re waking us up to even more issues that we want to shed light on. We recognise that we have a huge audience and it’s our responsibility to tell stories that make the world better. So, we wanted to share a few stories that we thought were terrifically important to amplify.

1. Sitting Pretty’s perspective on having both style & a disability (watch the whole thing on Youtube)

2. Wife Life’s story about forming their queer identity & how hair color played into that

3. Tattooed Yogi Mama’s decision to show off their bald spot

I thought I might part ways with Shirley the #baldspot the other day. Ya know, shave the side of my head and reveal the beautiful art I have permanently placed on my cranium that so delicately lays underneath all those soft , slowly falling out tresses, but then I got a couple DM’s that changed my life forever. Instantly changed this soul with the #soulsack .I always tell you Kittens , that you are often and mostly always my inspiration and fuel for my ramblings here on Insta , and these DM’s were no exception. The one DM I am going to talk about was from a 18 year old girl suffering from hair loss , from a condition she did not disclose. But her words, seared their purpose into my heart 💜. She wrote me about her struggles with hair loss and how she felt robbed of her own beauty. She wrote about being from a family that could not afford to purchase nice , natural looking wigs for her, the same kind of wigs that some of us suffering with different forms and disorders related to #balding use to “normalize” or esthetic from time to time. She went on to say something that struck a chord so deep in my being that I haven’t fully been able to process it yet. “Thank you for showing people that happiness doesn’t come from hair. That happiness is not based simply in the ability to look like everyone else. I changed my mind today when I saw you showing your bald spot. I felt brave. I was going to avoid going to my senior prom because of my hair. But now I’m not, now I’m going to decorate my head with color sparkly hair pins and wear my bald spot as a badge of love and purpose.” I didn’t come here to inspire, in-fact if you meet me on the street , and ask me why I started my insta , I will tell you I started my account because I felt alone in my #chronicillness and all the variables related to it. I had a resounding moment where I saw the message I am sending here and, the ability I have to inspire and lift up those around me. I promise to you Kittens , I won’t let you down. SO!! Sweet girl!! As promised here is my best *1.2.3 Eye Fuck The Camera so hard it will never want anyone else * Balding Edition!! And I still vote for Pink sparkling hair pins for your Prom Updo!!

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4. Brixx’s discussion on mental illness

When you live with #mentalillness, some days can be a struggle. A struggle to get out of bed. A struggle to get dressed. A struggle to put on that smile and act like every thing is alright. To cope, some people self- harm (I have). Some people get tattoos (I have). Some people don't eat/eat more (I have). There are plenty of ways, but one that I love is changing my hair- cutting it, dying it, styling it… I like to wake up and see a "new look." To put on a stronger persona, only later to realize that was me. My hair does not define me, but my hair does encourage me. My hair does reflect the up and downs of my life. Thank you @overtonecolor for creating a product that allows me to be me, whatever color that may be. #myhairmystory #mentalhealth #mentalillness #awareness #overtone #pastelorange #pastelpink #health #wellness #morethanmyhair

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Do you have a story to share? Use the tag #myhairmystory to join the conversation.

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