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What to Expect from your For Brown Hair shade: Indoors vs Outdoors

Depending on how dark your brown starting hair color is, after application, you might feel like the results are more subtle than you were expecting. But, just so you know, these shades tend to shift into the most vibrant versions of themselves once you step into the sunlight. 

Continue reading see how the For Brown Hair colors go from subtle to stunning with a quick change of environment.

Purple for Brown Hair indoors vs. outdoors:

Blue for Brown Hair indoors vs. outdoors:

Pink for Brown Hair indoors vs. outdoors:

What our For Brown Hair users are saying:

“Totally recommend if you’re wanting a subtle color change and have dark brown hair”’ – Elizabeth B

“Love Rose Gold for Brown Hair…looks really awesome in the sun.” – Jordy S.

“I have dark brown hair, but you can definitely see the purple in the light and up close…I definitely recommend this product!” -Heather S.

Blue for Brown Hair is my new go-to shade. Deep, rich, color that leaves my hair even smoother than before. I’m obsessed!” – Savanna G.

Grab your favorite For Brown Hair shade, and tag us @overtonecolor so we can see the way your shade changes throughout the day.

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