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Transition From Red To Rich Black

If you’re feeling like your hair could use something new but you’re not sure how to go about covering your current color, we have a feeling Rich Black might just be your shade. We also happen to know the perfect person to show you how to easily transition into a new hue, content creator Heather Nicholson (@daughtersandthings). 

Check out how she made the change, and learn a little bit more about what motivated her choice and how she ultimately feels about her new shade.

Why did you decide to go from Red to Rich Black?

I stuck with Red ombre for over a year and I had no plans to touch up the pre-lightened parts of my hair. Once it grew out some I decided to go back to my signature black locks. My hair is naturally dark brown as it is, so this is a classic look I will always love and appreciate.

Tell us about your experience with oVertone. 

I absolutely love the consistency of the product, it’s jelly like and much easier to apply to my hair. Most at-home color is runny and creates a mess too easily. Plus NO ammonia and harsh chemicals is hugely important to me.

oVertone color lasts so much longer thanks to the incredible Daily Conditioner to keep color from fading. I was won over by the concept of being able to always have fresh locks. 

How do you like your new shade? 

I adore the results and the classic look of my Rich Black hair. The color is completely even despite having pre-lightened and color Vibrant Red ends. It was no problem covering up existing color!

How do you maintain your Rich Black color?

It’s so easy to maintain! I only wash my hair once or twice a week at most, so I’ll freshen up the Rich Black with the daily conditioner when I shower. It’s a quick step that fits right into my hair care routine.

I plan to use the coloring conditioner monthly or every 6 weeks to keep the black super sleek and beautiful. I only have to keep the color in for only 15 minutes before rinsing it out, so it’s not time consuming at all.

Do you plan to stick with Rich Black for awhile?

I think I’ll stick with the Rich Black for a while, but you never know! So many fun colors and it’s tempting.

Ready to slide into your new Rich Black shade? Grab your products today. 

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