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All About Our New Lilac Kit

Not quite purple, not quite blue. Our Lilac Conditioner Kit is our shout out to the indecisive. Go bluer one day, more purple the next. Or just mix ’em 1:1 for the ultimate lilac hue.

Here’s how our model Kirah did it. (Prefer to watch the video? Click through to see it on YouTube.)

    1. Kirah mixed about 1/3 of a jar of Pastel Purple Coloring Conditioner with about 1/3 of a jar of Pastel Blue Coloring Conditioner.

    1. She applied on dry hair so that her strands could soak up as much pigment as possible! Because her roots aren’t light enough to take a Pastel color, she didn’t bother applying the treatment to her roots.

  1. Kirah waited about 10 minutes, then rinsed out the conditioner.

Tada! Because Kirah’s hair has been bleached and dyed many times before, it was extremely porous and as a result was able to soak in a LOT of pigment. If you have healthy hair, nice job! Just be aware you may need a second application to get the same depth of color as somebody with damaged strands.

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One comment on “All About Our New Lilac Kit”

  • Kathy Seelinger says:

    I’m having an ADM (Spanish for OMG) moment!

    Never expected to get such a deep and gorgeous color on my virgin gray hair, but 20 minutes of Deep Vibrant Purple on the underside hair around my face resulted in a positively fabulous pop of color.

    I know my little gray bob could have been notoriously difficult to take a temporary color, so I’m feeling truly lucky. A while back I asked a stylist to use a frosting/highlights cap (yeah, I’m that old!) and give me lavender highlights that would gracefully fade and grow out. She said it couldn’t be done. After today’s successful experiment, I realize I can create the desired effect myself, and for lots less money.

    Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I’m a believer!


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