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How to Section Your Hair

Multi-colored hair doesn’t have to be a a nightmare to maintain. Once you have oVertone in the right shades for you, all you have to do is section to ensure the right colors get to the right strands. And how do you do that? Section, section, section. It only adds a couple of extra minutes to your shower routine, we swear.

Here’s one example of how to section hair to maintain two-toned hair, featuring Instagram makeup artist KD Ives (see her stuff @_gypsyglitter).

After combing her hair, KD used the sharp end of her comb to gather the top layer.

After clipping it out of the way, KD then applied Extreme Teal Deep Treatment to the lower section of her hair.

Once the bottom section was complete, all KD had to do was release the top section to apply Extreme Purple Deep Treatment there, and clip it back up once it was done. Here’s how it looked just before she rinsed:

And that’s all there is to sectioning! You don’t have to be exact every time – that would be impossible! As long as the general area you need to cover is covered, it will blend well. Here’s how KD’s hair looked once it was rinsed, dried and styled:

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4 comments on “How to Section Your Hair”

  • Jess says:

    How long will the color last? I am looking for something that washes out after a wash or two

  • Alee says:

    Hey Jess,

    How fast oVertone fades out of your hair depends on many factors – how often you wash your hair, the health and natural texture of your hair, how much time you spend outside, how many times you’ve used oVertone, etc. Since oVertone is most like a semi-permanent dye, your hair might not completely return to its original color without having a slight tint in it.

    There are a few things you can do to help fade your hair fast and safely. Check out this blog post on how to fade your color: If it hasn’t faded enough, from there you can see your stylist about bleaching.

    oVer to you!

  • Joyce says:

    what is the full set for and how do you use it? Do you use the deep treatment and then daily conditioner?

  • Alee says:

    Hey Joyce,

    We recommend doing the initial coloring with our Deep Treatment, as their formulas have up to 50% more pigment than our Daily Conditioners and will help you get the color you want faster! Once you get to your goal shade, you can use our Daily Conditioner to maintain your shade and keep your strands super healthy and hydrated. You can use the Deep Treatment again whenever you find that your hair needs a fresh boost of color and hydration.

    If you have any other questions or want more info, definitely reach out to our Color Consultants at and they can totally help you out!

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