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how to use oVertone

oVertone 101: How to Ombre with oVertone

Not quite ready to commit to a full head of color? We get it, the first time can be scary.  Dip your toe in with an ombre instead.  All you have to do is apply oVertone Deep Treatment as far up your hair as you want it.  Scroll down for gifs and skimmable instructions.

1. Section your hair (especially if it’s thick)

Sectioning your hair can make it easier to evenly saturate your strands if your hair is thick. Our model Kirah has thin strands, so she didn’t need to section, but if you do, here’s what it looks like:

sectioning hair for overtone


2. Saturate hair & blend

You want to ensure all your strands are soaked in an even amount of color – rub the conditioner in so there aren’t any dry patches! Kirah only wanted the bottom few inches of her hair to be colored, so she rubbed it in and blended toward the top of the color.

3. Wait 5-15 minutes

Your hair should absorb the color in less than 15 minutes – when the conditioner appears pale on your hair, you’ll know your strands have absorbed the pigment.

Our model used Pastel Orange and Pastel Pink Daily Conditioners.

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