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How to Color Your Hair with oVertone Coloring Conditioner

Using just the Vibrant Purple Coloring Conditioner, our model was able to go from honey blonde to a true amethyst. Watch the video to see how it’s done, or view the steps below. (She applied to dry hair for extra saturation, but you can also follow these steps with wet hair in the shower!)

1. Clip the top section of your hair up so you can apply evenly all over without missing those back spots.

sectioning hair for overtone

2. Apply!

Start at the roots and work your way down the section, grabbing more conditioner as you go — wear gloves if you are worried about staining your hands. Once you’ve reached the ends of the section, start on another section, repeat the same process — starting at the roots. Once you’re done with the bottom section, you can release the clip and work on the top of your head. It’s really important to ensure that your strands are totally saturated. Any unsaturated parts of your hair could be uneven, so be sure to rub your conditioner carefully into all your strands.

applying overtone deep treatment

If it gets on your skin, don’t worry! You can wipe it off and it’ll be fine (no harsh chemicals here) but if you are worried about staining you can apply vaseline to your hairline beforehand. Let the conditioner sit for up to 15 minutes.

3. Rinse, and check the results.

If you find any spots that could use another dose of color, don’t be afraid to repeat the process – some people’s hair is less accepting of pigment than others, and those with virgin or healthy hair may like to do a second round.

overtone vibrant purple deep treatment

Get out there and stop traffic.

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14 comments on “How to Color Your Hair with oVertone Coloring Conditioner”

  • Linda says:

    Got dark brown hair, some auburn, and want to go to silver grey. Have some grey in front but not much. What’s the best way without bleaching? Had cancer surgery removing upper left lung lobe and can’t breathe bleach. Your reply is appreciated. God bless you always!!

    • Alee says:

      Hey Linda,

      oVertone works on all kinds of hair, but the darker your starting shade, the less visible color you’re likely to see. To get results similar to most of our Silver inspo pics, you’ll probably need to lighten some or all of your strands.

      We know it’s a bummer when lightening isn’t an option, but no worries – there are other shades you may want to try! Our new Rose Gold for Brown Hair and our Extreme Deep Treatments in warm shades such as Pink, Red, or Orange are the best choices to add an awesome hint of color to light – medium brown hair without bleaching!

      If you have more questions, our Color Consultants at have got your back or you can talk to us about color on our live chat on our website

      oVer to you!

  • Cleo says:

    Hey, thank you for the article! I’m debating going pink, and I have the typical dark blond hair, also naturally hilighted, so when I was looking at the tests I noticed how redtoned and almost warm the colour would turn out on me. Do you think it could be better to mix in also some silver conditioner, pastel or vibrant, to give it some coolness back? Or would it just make it darker?

  • Olivia says:

    Hey! I have dark brown to black hair and I wanted to do a vibrant teal color. Do you think that would show up on my hair or do you recommend another color? I’m open to any suggestions. 🙂

    • Alee says:

      Hi Olivia!

      Clients with black or very dark brown hair may only show a very subtle tint from our products and in some cases might not have visible results, so if you have dark hair, we definitely recommend trying a sample size and strand testing your hair to see how the color will work for you.

      Cooler toned shades like Green, Teal, or Blue can have a harder time showing up on dark hair, and it’s unlikely that our Vibrant shades will show up if your hair is almost black. Our Rose Gold for Brown Hair and our Extreme Deep Treatments in warm shades such as Pink, Red, or Orange are the best choices to add an awesome hint of color to darker hair without bleaching!

      For the best advice, send an email with a picture of your current hair with lots of natural light and no filters along with an inspo pic over to our Color Consultants at or get in touch with them here: and they will totally let you know what oVertone can do for you!

  • Julia Little says:

    Hi there. If you leave the treatment on longer then 15 minutes will it have a more vibrant effect?

    • Alee says:

      Hi Julia! Yup! Leaving the Deep Treatment in longer gives your hair more time to soak up the pigment! For the best advice on how to get your dream shade, send an email with a picture of your current hair with lots of natural light and no filters along with an inspo pic over to our Color Consultants at or get in touch with them here: and they will totally take care of you!

  • Hallie says:


    I have almost white blonde hair and purchased the pastel purple deep conditioning treatment. I want to put it all over to try and get a lavendar look, but my question is how is the fade out on these colors?

    If I don’t like the turnout and don’t continue using the conditioner will my hair return back to it’s original color or will I fade out to a strange purple/pink color?

    Thank you!

    • Alee says:

      Hey there Hallie!

      Our conditioners deposit semi-permanent color on your hair, which will fade if you stop using them, but the color will not necessarily wash out 100% with shampoo alone. How fast the color fades depends on many factors, including the color you used, how long you used it for, the health of your hair, the color of hair you started with, what shampoo you use, and how often you heat treat it.

      If you do decide that you’d like to go back to your original color, there are a few things you can do to help fade your hair fast and safely. Check out this blog post on how to fade your color:

      For more info and ideas, get in touch with our Color Consultants at and they’ll help you out!

  • Melanie says:

    My hair is naturally white, but is yellowing in places. I have used a silver shampoo and conditioner for years (ShimmerLights, Jhirmack, etc) and still have this problem. I’m thinking about trying lavender…is white hair harder to color? Should I use deep conditioner, or the regular one ?

    • Alee says:

      Hi Melanie! results on gray hair can vary a lot from person to person since the strand structure of those hair types can vary a lot and while some clients have hair that takes color really well, others find their grays can be somewhat resistant to absorbing pigment from – it’s just a matter of your hair’s texture. Check out this blog post on how gray hair and oVertone Color Conditioners interact:

      Your best bet will be to try one of our Deep Treatment samples and use it to do some strand-testing on your gray hair. If you try a strand test on unbleached, natural gray hair and don’t see the color taking, you may want to consider bleaching or processing the gray sections of your hair and using oVertone Color Conditioners for upkeep.

  • Tina Pendergraph says:

    Hi. I have naturally strawberry blonde hair. But, age is creeping in, and the color is fading/dulling. Would pastel red be my best bet for a color oomph?

    • Alee says:

      Hey Tina! Thank you for your patience. For custom color advice, send a pic of your current hair color (in natural light, no filters please!) and inspo pics to our Color Consultants through and they’ll totally let you know which of our formulas will revive your strawberry blonde hair!

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