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how to use oVertone

Everything You Need to Know Before Using oVertone

Maybe you’re an at-home color expert, or perhaps you’re a novice. Either way, if you’re still reading this, odds are you’re a first-timer when it comes to oVertone conditioners. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, the number one thing you need to know about oVertone products is that they’re EASY to use. Like, really easy. In a nutshell, if you can condition your hair, you can color your hair. But, to quell any fears, here are our top tips for making your first at-home coloring experience with oVertone pigmented conditioners a smashing success.

#1: Strand test 👏 Strand test 👏 Strand test 👏

We’ve said it once (okay, we said it three times) but we’ll say it again: strand test! Anytime you’re using a new oVertone shade, we highly recommend taking the color for a test drive before applying all over. That way, you can color with confidence knowing the shade will turn out just as you expected! Not sure how to strand test? We’ve got a blog post on the subject.

hair color

#2: You can color your hair in the shower. 🚿

Our pigmented conditioners were formulated to make your hair color routine simpler. Apply them to clean, wet hair, being sure to saturate strands completely for even coverage. Let sit for 3-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with *hot* water. That’s right: if you like your showers as hot as the sun’s surface, you’re in luck! Our formulas were made to work even better with warm-hot water. The warmer temperatures help to open hair’s cuticle, allowing the color to deposit more effectively. 

#3: You can apply oVertone pigmented conditioners on dry hair. 💁💁‍♂️

For even brighter color results, apply oVertone conditioners to clean, dry hair. Make sure you wear an old t-shirt or something you don’t mind getting color on. Without water molecules in the way, the hair cuticle can absorb more pigment. More pigment means more color! Allow conditioner to sit for 3-15 minutes and follow the same rinsing instructions as in #1. To avoid temporary staining, apply barrier cream around the hairline before saturating strands with the oVertone conditioner of your choice.

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#4: Our shades love to be mixed. 🎨

We offer lots of custom kits but you can build your own set, too! Mix 2-3 conditioners together to create a shade all your own. Don’t go overboard though; mixing too many colors together will give you a murky gray-brown shade (just like when you’d mix all the fingerpaints together as a kid). 

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#5: Scared of stains? Wear gloves! 🧤

Some of our more pigmented shades can cause temporary staining after application. A few thorough hand washes should take care of it but if you don’t want to deal with stains at all, wear gloves! Rinse them and re-use next time you refresh your color.

And that about covers it! Still have questions or want help deciding which shade is best for you? Get with our Color Consultants for customized advice.

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  • Staci Davis says:

    I can’t wait to try my Overtone!!!
    Final bleaching tomorrow in preparation for the pastel silver. Finished photos to come!!

  • Ann Crichton says:

    Thank you for this! I’m going through and reading everything before I do this with my 6 year. I’m pretty excited!

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