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Halloween Ideas for Bright Hair


Meet 9 costume ideas that perfectly incorporate your already vivid hair.



Oompa Loompa

Too much fake tan and some Pastel Green hair is all you need for this one. Watch Rosalina’s tutorial video here.


The Joker

Youtuber Bri Hall used a wig to put together this Joker look, but if you have Vibrant or Extreme Green hair, half the work is done.



Klaire De Lys used blue hair spray for this look, but if you’re lucky enough to wear oVertone Vibrant Blue, then half the work is done!



If you’re Pastel, Vibrant, or Extreme Silver, you’ll be a perfect candidate to try out this X-men inspired look.


Dame Edna

andthatsjacob’s Dame Edna tutorial made it to the top 6 of the NYX face awards for good reason! Watch it here, possums.


A Unicorn

Got pastel hair? Then you’ve got what you need to get started on this unicorn look.


Poison Ivy

Everyone’s first instinct is to suggest Ariel for the rangas amongst us, but have you considered Poison Ivy? (You’re guaranteed to have an easier time getting around in a green leotard than in a restrictive mermaid tail…just saying.)


Wilma Flintstone

You don’t have to be bright red to pull this off! Auburn hair (or brown hair with a little Extreme Orange on top) will fit this look perfectly.


Harley Quinn

Don’t want to color your whole head? No problem. Pull a Harley Quinn look with this tutorial. You can add a touch of color to bleached ends with Vibrant Red and Vibrant Blue sample sizes!

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