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Hair Diaries: A Broadway Dresser’s Hair Color


LJ Wright

About Me:

I work as a dresser on Broadway and am lucky enough to have a job where I can freely express myself.


New York, New York

Natural hair color and texture:

My natural hair color is a light brown, the classic case of born a blonde and it just got darker every year. My hair texture is natural very thick and slightly wavy.

Did you bleach to achieve your current color?


Time typically spent on your personal care routine daily (please specify hair v. makeup v. clothes/accessories, etc.):

I spend about 45 minutes a day getting ready on a daily basis. My hair color routine doesn’t add much time honestly because I’ll put it in and then do makeup or other things while it processes before rinsing. I spend an extra 30 minutes or so every week doing a deep conditioner.

What’s your current hair color?

I chose my current coral because I wanted a summery hair color and I wanted to transition into the world of warm colors after my minty green. I also was definitely influenced by the fact it was a limited-edition at oVertone. I wanted to get my hands on it while I could! I love the coral; it looks so pretty on any skin color and makes my tan pop right now.

Person with coral hair sips a drink while wearing a polka dot dress

Limited-edition Coral

How often do you change it up?

I typically change my color up once a month. It’s not something I’m constantly monitoring and sometimes I’ll naturally go longer but once I decide I want to change it, it’s game over. It’s the only thing I can think about and I’m not happy until I get it done. I think that instant gratification is a lot of the reason why I started doing my own hair. I get really impatient (not my best quality), and hated waiting around on a stylist or for making an appointment. I’m very spontaneous with my hair color and sometimes it’s just on a whim. I always tell people, “it’s just hair! If it’s hideous I’ll chop it off!” I’ve definitely made mistakes on my head and had to correct things but it’s all a learning curve and it’s always been worth it to me to take risks with my colors.

What’s your process for transitioning between shades?

Transitioning from shade to shade with oVertone has actually proven quite easy for me as I normally wait until the previous color has faded significantly. If it’s a close enough color or in the same family, the pigment is normally strong enough to just color over a faded color. If it’s a totally different direction color-wise I then normally do a root touch up and then pull any remaining bleach through in the last few moments of processing. That gives me a clean slate if I need it to pick up even the most pastel colors. I also figured out how to do color melts on myself which I love because then I can incorporate several beautiful oVertone colors at once!

Person with Pastel Blue on top of head and Extreme Pink on the ends wears a jean jacket and looks at the camera

Pastel Blue on the top of my head, I mixed it with the Extreme Pink at the ends
How does your job in fashion impact your hair choices?

I’m definitely inspired by fashion and will see a dress or look on the runway and immediately think, “what would that look like on my head?!” A lot of times I’m inspired seasonally or by nail colors or clothing that I’m into at the moment with my hair. I like to be a chameleon. I’m so grateful that I found oVertone when I did because my hair would be way more damaged and fried than it currently is. oVertone allows me to keep up with my hair moods and desires of switching things up because it is actually a conditioner. It’s so much more gentle than a lot of the dyes I was using before and when I already am damaging my hair with bleach, I’ll take all the help I can get!

Person with Vibrant orange hair wears overalls and a large hat and looks away from camera.

Vibrant Orange
What’s your typical hair care routine?

My maintenance routine varies. I’m currently working on shampooing less so the color stays longer and my hair stays healthier. A lot depends on how close I am to switching up colors. When it’s time to change, I let it fade all the way down and embrace the fade. If it’s a fade-prone pastel like pink or orange I will do a lot more re-touching and use the Daily Conditioner once or twice a week. My favorite is the Coloring Conditioner though! It just seems to pack more punch. That’s what I use more often than not, once every two or three weeks on a typical color I want to retouch. I also use The Remedy in between to keep my hair silky and touchable if I’ve been bleaching a lot.

Person with diluted rose gold hair holds a container of The Remedy and looks at the camera

Rose Gold + The Remedy

Needless to say, my hair and my life would not be the same without oVertone! I talk about it all the time and have recommended it to co-workers, people on the train, everyone who comments on my hair. Recently had a friend use the Red for Brown Hair for the first time and she was happily shocked with how good it smelled! I think people assume to get these colors, you’re pouring all kinds of chemical goop on your head and it’s just not the case with oVertone. It leaves your hair softer, nourished, smelling amazing, and beautifully colored! Couldn’t love it more!

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