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Upgrade Your Costume With Halloween Hair

If you’ve spent weeks planning the perfect costume and working on the ideal makeup execution, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want your hair to enhance your look. And while wigs may seem like a simple solution, not only are they itchy and hard to apply, but they also take a real toll on the environment (since they usually end up in a landfill). 

oVertone is the easiest way to condition in color to keep or transition for as long as you’d like.To truly show the versatility and impact your hair can have on your costume, we had two of our favorite content creators, Samantha Snook and Alexis Jelenich show us how they incorporate oVertone into their beautifully spooky Halloween looks.


Samantha Snook




Scarecrow, Spooky Bat-Wing Liner 


Vibrant Purple Coloring Conditioner

About Me:

Hi, I’m Sam & I’m a 23 year old beauty influencer! I enjoy being creative, spending time outside & having lazy weekends binging my fav shows/movies! 


Greenville, SC

Natural Hair Color And Texture:

Dirty blonde & straight

Why Vibrant Purple Coloring Conditioner?

I wanted a bright & spooky color for the Halloween season but one that would also fade nicely so I can easily try more colors in the future!

Sn0ok creates her look with Vibrant Purple Coloring Conditioner

Did you bleach before using oVertone?

My hair was bleach blonde beforehand but oVertone offers a variety of shades of purple, including Purple for Brown Hair, so you don’t have to be platinum to wear a shade like this.

Tell us about your haircare routine!

Since my hair is a bit on the dry side from bleaching it, I only wash it about once a week so I don’t dry it out more. I also try to avoid using heat on it.

What’s the inspiration for your costume/look?

Since it’s the Halloween season, I wanted to do something on the spooky side while still being wearable, so instead of regular winged liner, I made it bat-winged liner! I also created a scarecrow look but instead of the classic orange tones, I did pinks and purples to match my purple hair.

How did oVertone enhance your Halloween look?

oVertone is a perfect product for creating multiple looks because every time you wash your hair you can apply more Coloring Conditioner to keep your color from fading, and it lasts longer! There’s also so many different colors to choose from so you can do any look you want! 

Why not go with a wig?

Personally, I find that wigs are a pain in the butt to apply so I’d rather just have the color I want on my real hair! I want it to last longer than just Halloween.

Is Your Hair Ready For Halloween?

Yes! Before my hair was blonde and I felt like it didn’t really stand out in any Halloween looks but now that it’s purple, it screams spooky season to me!


Alexis Jelenich




The Joker, Fairy 


Pastel Green Coloring Conditioner

About Me:

Model, Artist, and devoted pet mama!


San Diego, CA

Natural Hair Color and Texture:

Dark Brown; Fine and wavy

Why Pastel Green Coloring Conditioner?

For rad Halloween looks, and to get creative!

A person dressed as a fairy with Pastel green Halloween hair

Did you bleach before using oVertone?

My hair has been bleached regularly for a few years now.

Tell us about your haircare routine!

Since I like to keep my hair pretty short and bleached, I only wash about once a week. And refresh color as needed with oVertone. Other than that, it doesn’t require much maintenance. 

What Is the inspiration for your costume/look?

The new Joker movie for the first look, and for the second I honestly just always love finding an excuse to be a fairy during the Halloween season!

A person dressed as a fairy with Pastel Green Halloween hair

How did oVertone enhance your Halloween look?

I think what makes it really special is the fact that I can achieve even coverage with amazing color payoff without damaging my hair. And I don’t have to worry about having a permanent commitment if I decide to try another color a few weeks after.

How do you transition between shades?

Personally, I love letting colors fade to a pretty pastel before jumping to the next color. And I’ll typically go for a color that is complementary to its opposite on the color wheel so that I have an easier time transitioning. 

Why not go with a wig?

I usually can’t deal with wigs for long without going bonkers honestly. They’re hot, itchy, and regardless of how well you set it there’s always that underlying fear for me that I’ll dance it off somehow. With oVertone I don’t have to worry about any of that!

A person in clown like makeup with pastel green Halloween hair

Is your hair ready for halloween?

Oh, absolutely! I wouldn’t have been able to nail these looks without oVertone and it’s going to be my go-to from now on for things and events like this! 

Need more inspiration or just want to see all the ways oVertone can make your costume come to life? Check out our blog post full of spooky ideas. And if you’re looking to get REALLY spooky, add our stickers to your Instagram posts by searching ‘oVertone’ and then tag us @overtonecolor so we can see it, too!

If you’re ready to start creating the best costume you’ve ever had, shop now.

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