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The Benefits Of Using A Toning Conditioner

You might be familiar with using a toning shampoo on your pre-lightened hair, but less familiar with using a toning conditioner. You might also be unsure about the benefits of using one over the other. But don’t stress—in this post, you’ll learn a little more about the benefits of color-correcting with a conditioner.

Benefit: Hydration

While shampoo doesn’t necessarily have to be overly drying on your hair, it generally doesn’t add much in the way of hydration. Conditioner on the other hand, actively adds moisture during application, which helps to heal and hydrate hair that has been damaged. Specifically, our Toning Conditioners use avocado oil for natural hydration.

Benefit: Color Deposit

During the course of your shower, the cuticle of your hair continues to open. Hot water helps to start the process, and shampooing furthers it, which means your hair is in prime condition to allow color deposit towards the end of your shower. That’s why Toning Conditioners are able to quickly and easily deposit color-correcting pigments into your hair.

Benefit: Ingredients

Conditioners tend to contain a larger amount of beneficial ingredients, which is most definitely the case with our Toning Conditioners. Aside from the hydrating benefits of avocado oil mentioned above, our conditioners include shea butter to soothe the scalp and aloe vera to promote circulation.

If you’re ready to experience all the benefits of a Toning Conditioner, we know just the place to grab the perfect one for you.

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