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Which Remedy Is Right For You?

We all need a little extra hydration sometimes. So whether that means drinking more water or spending 10-15 minutes giving your hair a little in-shower TLC, we support it. In fact we support it so much, we added a new Remedy to our roster: The Remedy For Fine Hair. Now, no matter what length or texture, your strands can get the moisture they deserve. 

Not sure if your hair texture is better suited for original Remedy or more for Remedy For Fine Hair? Check out the breakdown below to help you decide which formula is right for you.

The Thickness

To figure out if your hair skews thicker or thinner, pluck a single strand from a spot on your scalp that’s fairly dense. Once you’ve done that, compare it to a piece of sewing thread. If it’s similar or wider than the thread, your hair is thick. If it’s slighter than the thread, your hair is on the thinner side.

The Density

Density also plays a part in the way your hair absorbs conditioners, and hair products in general. To check the density of your hair, throw it in a ponytail. If your hair is less dense, the circumference of your ponytail will be less than two inches. Anything wider than that means you’ve got medium to high density hair. If your hair isn’t long enough for a ponytail, here’s a quick way to check: If it’s fairly easy to see your scalp through your hair, your hair is on the less dense side.

The Results

If your hair is on the thinner, less dense side, The Remedy For Fine Hair is going to be your healthy, hydrating miracle conditioner.
If your hair is on the thicker, denser side, we suggest going for the original Remedy to get the hydration your hair needs.

If your hair is a combination of thickness and density, we recommend starting with the original Remedy, and diluting as needed until you find the perfect ratio for your hair.

Get soft, healthy hair from a hair mask made for fine hair.

The Remedy and The Remedy For Fine Hair are our signature colorless products developed to create the softest, healthiest hair you’ve ever had. If you’re unsure of the best way to hydrate your hair, check out this blog post on how to maximize the benefits.  

If you’re interested in changing or maintaining your hair color, be sure to check out our coloring conditioners, available in over thirty shades.

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