Brassy Hair: What Causes it and How to Get Rid of It

If you’ve ever left the salon loving your blonde, but finding that it’s morphed into a combination of yellow, orange, or red (aka warm tones), your hair has become brassy, and it’s time you toned. Toning corrects the warmer tones by adding in cooler tones, and increases the overall shine level of your hair. 

Considering the impact toning can make on your hair, it’s surprisingly simple—especially with our new Toning Conditioners. It’s probably the easiest way to maintain your salon color at home. 

What Is Brassy Hair?

Brassy hair develops when you’ve bleached or lightened your hair. When you bleach or lighten your hair, the warm tones from your natural color have a tendency to come out. The biggest culprit of brassy hair is lightening dark hair, because darker hair naturally contains more warm tones. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Brassy Hair?

If you’re struggling with brassy hair, the good news is, it can be easily corrected at home. 

Why Toning Conditioner and not shampoo?

Shampooing with warm water opens up the cuticle of your hair, which allows our Toning Conditioners to deposit pigment when your hair is most porous—towards the end of your shower. Also, toning shampoos tend to be drying, and our Toning Conditioners are specifically formulated to moisturize and restore hair health.

Our Most Important Tips: 

Choose The Right Color

It’s important to choose the right cool shade to balance out warm tones. Your best go-to for figuring out what cool tone to use is the color wheel (see below). Colors on the opposite side of yellow or orange are the cool tones you’re looking for. That’s why we recommend our Blue Toning Conditioner for brassy orange undertones, and our Purple Toning Conditioner for brassy yellow undertones. 

Prevent It From Happening In The First Place

While it might not be possible to COMPLETELY avoid brassiness, there are steps you can take to prevent it as much as possible. The best way to avoid brassy hair is to avoid products with sulfates. Sulfates have the tendency to strip away dyed color and heavily contribute to brassiness. We recommend checking out our post about how sulfates mess with your colored hair. 

Day to day conditions can also contribute to brassiness. UV radiation and chlorine are incredibly rough on hair. Look for leave-in conditioners with UV protection, and use coconut oil to protect hair while swimming. 

Unfortunately many people live in places where the mineral content in the water you wash your hair with is high. Installing a shower filter can help to reduce the mineral content, which can fade hair faster. 

Do A Strand Test Before Committing

Obviously, we always recommend strand testing, but especially when toning, it’s absolutely essential in order to know if you’re using the right color, or how long to leave it on. 

Rinse after 2-3 minutes

We weren’t kidding when we said toning is easy with oVertone. Once hair is saturated, no need to let it sit like you normally would with our Coloring Conditioners. Simply rinse out after 2-3 minutes. 

If you’ve recently lightened or bleached your hair and it’s beginning to turn into a color you can’t stand — don’t worry. Toning is non-damaging and can quickly return your hair to the cool color you love.

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