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Our Non-Traditional Toning Launch

Over the past several months we’ve been hard at work creating four unique, new Toning Conditioners.

As with any new product launch, we wanted to bring you the fun, beautiful visuals that are synonymous with the oVertone brand. We planned photoshoots, model castings, and video content. We reached out to content creators and came up with some really creative and fun ways to introduce our Toning Conditioners, while also laying down the basics of how toning works—including a fake game show! However, due to recent world-wide circumstances, we knew we had to do everything we could to support global efforts, as well as ensure the safety of our team. 

So, we scaled back our plans to keep our crew and models safe, and found alternate ways to create content that would introduce our Blue, Purple, Pink, and Green Toning Conditioners with the spotlight they deserve. 

Over the coming days and weeks, you’ll see a variety of content supporting our new Toning Conditioners, just with a slightly different spin on things. While it might not feel “traditionally oVertone,” we want you to know we put all of our energy and heart into creating content that we hope contributes just a tiny piece of normalcy to your day. 

While we developed our Toning Conditioners over the last several months, we truly feel that now is the perfect time to release a product that allows you to take control of your hair at home—without doing something your stylist would disapprove of, like cutting your own bangs. We also feel proud to introduce a product that fulfills a need for a wide range of hair colors, types, and textures. 

While we can’t offer any clarity as to what the future holds, we can offer a promise to continue to create the products that we hope bring you happiness, confidence, and hopefully, a few minutes of peace in an ever-changing world.

For now, we invite you to meet our four new Toning Conditioners, and learn a little more about what makes them special.

Meet The Toning Conditioners

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