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Around The Color Wheel With Our Coloring Conditioners

Margaret has officially made their way around the hair color wheel with the help of oVertone’s color depositing conditioners! Successfully changing from color to color requires a lot of patience, hair healthy color ingredients and an understanding of color theory. Read on to learn how Margaret pulled it off without a lick of damage.

Margaret’s starting hair color (pre-lightened)

Written by Margaret Murphy, a photographer living and working in Los Angeles, CA

In 2017, I ended a six-and-a-half-year relationship. As most people do when they go through a major life change, I made a hair appointment. Platinum blonde hair at the time, I had been toying with the idea of dyeing it a fun, bright color like I had seen all over Instagram. As I sat down in my stylist Jessica Jewel’s chair at the Butterfly Loft Salon in Los Angeles, I blurted out, “I want to go BLUE!”. Fast forward five hours and I couldn’t believe what I saw in my reflection. Like a mystical cobalt phoenix, I had risen from the ashes. I would never be the same.

About a week later, I shampooed my hair for the first time since coloring it. I had been cautioned by Jes that I should not be surprised to see a lot of color run off in my shower. I was disappointed that my hair didn’t hold the same power and intensity that it did when I walked out of the salon. However, I was referred to the oVertone website by a friend who said, “you can literally change your hair color while you shower!” so I had to give it a shot. I ordered the Extreme Blue and Vibrant Blue Complete Systems, using the Daily Conditioner every 5-7 days and the Coloring Conditioner every 7-10 to keep me good and bright!

Because I had gone about this hair journey with no reservations, I figured why not go with the color wheel to preserve the integrity of my hair? It was all about the journey, not the destination, so I started adding some Vibrant Green Coloring Conditioner into my regular shower routine. It wasn’t long before I completely transitioned to green and I loved my slime green look. 

By fall 2017, I was ready for a new color again and this time yellow was on the docket — a color I hadn’t seen much of on the internet, much less out in the world. Lucky for me, oVertone had the only Neon Yellow Color Conditioner on the market so I could easily transition from green while keeping my hair color super electric!  

The more I incorporated yellow into my hair, the larger my dreams of being a Lichtenstein girl IRL became, so I swapped out Neon Yellow for the Extreme Yellow Complete System. This slight shift in shade gave my hair a deeper tint that would make going orange that much easier.

With some life changes leading to tightening of my budget in early 2018, the affordability of oVertone became even more crucial to keeping my hair color journey on track. The Extreme Orange and Vibrant Orange Coloring Conditioners were lifesaving and I used them once a month in conjunction with The Remedy Colorless Hair Mask to continue prioritizing my hair health despite less trips to the salon.

Red is next to orange on the color wheel, so my next color choice was obvious. I went through my cherry bomb phase during the summer of 2018 with the help of oVertone’s Extreme Red Complete System.

When it came time to move to pink, I got back into the salon and decided to take a break from the color conditioners — I did not, however, cut back on The Remedy Colorless Hair Mask, which became an invaluable part of my haircare routine and kept my hair nourished during the dry LA winter months into early 2019!

Ready to start a new chapter with an MFA (and complete the rainbow!) I wanted my purple hair to be its most vibrant when making a first impression. Using the Extreme Purple Coloring Conditioner  on top of my already faded pink hair was the perfect solution, with the Extreme Purple Daily Conditioner for maintenance once a week.

Now that my hair and I have moved through the color wheel, I’m not quite sure what is next, but whatever shade I end up doing know I can count on oVertone to make it possible!

For advice on which oVertone color(s) are best for your current hair shade, contact our Color Consultants, and when in doubt, move along the color wheel!  Visit our Find Your Hair Color page to explore all of our coloring conditioners.

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