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Fall Hair Trends

As the seasons start to change, you might also be looking for a change. And one of the best things about oVertone is that we make it really easy (and healthy!) to add a little variety to your hair color at home.

Meet some of the shades that will warm things up as the weather starts to cool down this fall.

Extreme Red

Our most potent Red shade makes a massive impact on pre-lightened or light blonde/platinum starting shades. Who needs a fireplace when they can have hair color like this?

Vibrant Red

Looking for a shade that heats things up, but is a little less intense than Extreme Red? Vibrant Red is probably the perfect color for you.

Pastel Red

This is a shade that you might not have considered before, but it’s pretty clear that this subdued Red has ‘fall’ written all over it.

Red for Brown Hair

Don’t want to pre-lighten before going Red? We get it! Skip the bleach and get the perfect warm red-brown hue without a hint of damage.

We want to see the Red you fall for, so make sure to show us @overtonecolor. 

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