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Why We Made The Fader Shampoo

For the past several years, oVertone has been known as the company that helps you achieve really healthy hair color. So, you might have been surprised to learn that our newest product, The Fader, is a shampoo that helps you fade your color faster.

To answer all your questions about The Fader, we asked one of the oVertone pros, VP of R&D, Bella Romeo.

Why did oVertone launch a shampoo?

Expanding our product lines and adding a shampoo to the mix has been our plan for a while now. Adding a clarifying shampoo is not only beneficial to those looking for a nice deep clean to their scalp and hair, but also very handy for fading during a color transition process! We take lots of pride in our formulas so being able to add another wonderful product to your shelf, to use alongside our conditioners was very exciting!

Tell us about creating The Fader Clarifying Shampoo

  • How long did it take? – We really took our time in formulating The Fader Shampoo. We dove deep when exploring all the qualities we wanted it to have, as well as all the things we wanted to avoid. It took a little over two years to solidify a formula we were proud of, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!
  • How many rounds of the formula did it take to get it right? – We tested four iterations of The Fader during development to make sure all of our boxes were checked. We wanted to ensure that the experience and results this shampoo provided were exactly what we wanted.
  • What were the must haves? – We wanted to create a clarifying shampoo that would benefit both non-color-treated hair and color lovers! It was important that this formula be everything you expect from a clarifying shampoo without the drying feeling, so to do that we knew that picking the right moisturizing cleansers was a must. Another top requirement was that it was suitable for all hair types! Being a brand based on inclusivity we need our products to always be an example of this.
  • What did you avoid? – We wanted to keep The Fader free of sulfates, silicones, parabens and ammonia. Creating a cleansing system that contained hair healthy plant-based cleansers that would deep clean but also leave your hair happy was really the key to this shampoo.
  • How did you ensure it was friendly for all hair types? – In addition to extensive pre- formulation research on what a formula suitable for all hair types needed to look like, we also ran trials across all hair types. We provided samples of our various formulations to people with all hair types and listened to their feedback before finalizing our winning formula.

What makes The Fader different from clarifying shampoos?

oVertone’s clarifying shampoo is formulated to deeply cleanse your hair while conditioning hair and scalp, so you won’t experience that familiar dried out feeling you do with traditional clarifying shampoos, that contain harsh cleansers and hair stripping agents. The cleansing system in this formula contains plant-based, biodegradable ingredients derived from coconut and glucose. They are gentle, non-drying and not only cleanse but also protect and condition your hair. We formulated The Fader focused on its clarifying functionality , but held its benefits to hair heath to those same standards.

What ingredients are you excited about? What do they do for hair?

Two of my top favorites (that are also new to us) are:

  1. Decyl Glucoside: a biodegradable and gentle cleanser that is derived from glucose and coconut! It is suitable for those with sensitive skin, it is non-drying and an all around awesome hair and scalp cleanser.
  2. Camellia Sinensis Leaf extract: a soothing antioxidant that promotes hair growth as well as working to protect and condition your scalp and hair.

Do you have any tips and tricks for how to use it?

We hope The Fader will be your go-to when you want to get rid of product build-up, gently fade out your hair color for a new one, or just want a nice refreshing deep clean!  

When using it for color fading, I like to use it on dirty hair so there are more oils on your follicle to help pull off color. Then I’ll do two rounds of The Fader in the shower leaving it on for about a minute or two after creating a nice lather each time. After that I like to follow it up with The Remedy for a nice deep conditioning. 

How do you work this into your haircare routine? How does it work with the existing oVertone lineup?

The Fader works seamlessly with the rest of our products. When using it in conjunction with our color line, it is a great addition for those who want to adjust their current color slightly or are in the process of transitioning to a new color altogether.

I recently took the plunge back to brown hair and The Fader has been a great tool to bounce from a darker shade of brown to a lighter golden brown. I also have very curly, fine hair and the shampoo works so well to remove build up and refresh my curls. I follow up with The Remedy and my hair is so soft, shiny and bouncy after that wash routine!

What makes the packaging special?

It’s a new-for-us tube made with sugarcane resin, which has ⅓ the carbon footprint of regular plastic. Not only is the tube recyclable, but the sugarcane used to make it is way more sustainable than normal plastic materials.

Ready to add The Fader to your oVertone in-shower roster? Shop it today!

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