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hair care

Healthy hair is in! Here are our expert tips on hair protection and maintaining both your color and hair health.

hair care

How to Safely Fade Your Hair

Ready to move onto a new color? If you’re going for a drastic change, fading your hair is a necessary step! Here’s how to safely speed up the process of KEEP READING

hair care

How to Protect Semi-Permanent Color at the Pool

Protect your hair color while you’re on Spring Break

hair care

Can You Leave oVertone On Too Long?

One of the most common questions we get is, “Can I damage my hair if I leave oVertone Coloring Conditioners on too long?” And the answer is NO. Leaving oVertone KEEP READING

The oVertone Color Claudia Soare Can’t Live Without

Celebrity beauty pick: Extreme Purple 💜 We love it when people love our hair color as much as we do—especially when they’re a celebrity beauty pick! So when Anastasia Beverly KEEP READING

intersections of beauty

Celebrating Black Beauty: Q&A with Content Creator Natasha Cannon

Celebrating Black beauty and Black History Month with Content Creator, Natasha Cannon