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How We Make Our Strand Tests

If you’ve browsed our product pages before, you’ve probably seen our strand tests and wondered if they’re true to real life. The answer? Always. Here’s why:   1. Each product KEEP READING

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What’s Wrong With Making DIY Color Conditioner?

Why couldn’t you just make your own dye-conditioner cocktail instead of buying oVertone? Well, you could, but you could also bleach your own hair – and there’s a reason most KEEP READING

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How to Do Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are an easy low-maintenance way to blend dark regrowth with your lighter ends, or to add dimension to your color. And they’re really not as difficult as they KEEP READING

how to use oVertone

Daily Conditioner Vs Deep Treatment: What Should I Use?

Question of the week: When choosing an oVertone conditioner, which one is right for you? Should you pick the Daily Conditioner, or the Deep Treatment, or both? Let’s tackle this KEEP READING

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How to Protect Colored Hair When Swimming

Strip down for a skinny dip? Yes please. Stripped color? No thanks. For those of us who dig water in the summer, it can be tough on our hair.  What’s KEEP READING