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Can You Leave oVertone On Too Long?

One of the most common questions we get is, “Can I damage my hair if I leave oVertone Coloring Conditioners on too long?” And the answer is NO. Leaving oVertone on for 45 or even 60 minutes will NOT damage your hair. But it probable won’t lead to better color payoff.

That’s because our semi-permanent color-depositing conditioners are free of chemicals and work by coating your strands with pigment instead of penetrating the hair strand and depositing color inside of the hair shaft like a traditional hair dye.

Sticking with the recommended time

leave oVertone on for 15 minutes
We recommend leaving oVertone hair color on for 15 minutes.

Why 15 minutes? After lots of testing and development, we found that to be the sweet spot for most hair types. But if your hair doesn’t hold color well or you want to ensure maximum color payoff, you can leave your oVertone color on for 30 minutes.

What happens after 30 minutes? Well, f you leave oVertone on for too long (especially without a shower cap) the product can start to dry. This won’t cause damage, but it can make it the color harder to rinse out of your hair.

leave oVertone on for 15 minutes

Not getting the results you want?

If you’ve tried leaving your color on for 30 minutes and you’re not seeing the color results you were hoping for, try try adding heat while you let your color sit, and make sure you’re applying it to CLEAN, DRY hair for maximum deposit and color payoff.

leave oVertone on for 15 minutes

Have more questions about oVertone? Check out the rest of our blog to learn all about our products, how to use them and all the inspiration you need to recreate the hottest hair and hair color trends at home.

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