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Tone Your Blonde Hair At Home

Blonde hair has a bit of a reputation for being high maintenance. But, thanks to our Purple Toning Kit, blonde hair just got a whole lot easier to handle. The best part? Because it’s a conditioner and not a shampoo, it neutralizes brassy, yellow undertones while making your hair softer and more moisturized than ever before. 

Brassiness is pretty much unavoidable because it comes from several different places; hot showers, shampooing, environmental factors, and styling tools just to name a few.  And, while we fully support going blonde from the safety of the salon, we feel maintaining it should be simple. That’s why our Purple Toning Kit can be done right in your own shower. 

To illustrate the impact of freshly toned hair, we had content creators Shawna Edwards (@shawnaedwards_), Julie Tecson (@makeprettystuff), and Danyelle Chaney (@danyelleeee) tone three very different shades of blonde and share their results with us.

Time to tackle toning your blonde? We thought you might feel that way. 

Grab A Toning Kit

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