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How To Get Subtle Rose Gold Hair Color

If you’ve fallen in love with the rosy, golden hues that seem to be everywhere, we can’t blame you. We also can’t wait to help you achieve the perfect subtle Rose Gold hair color with some of our favorite products. If you’re looking for something more muted, you’ve come to the right place: Brooke Davies (IG: @loveon.asunday) let us in on how she uses oVertone to achieve her endlessly hydrated subtle rose gold shade, and how her relationship with oVertone has grown and changed over time.

Person with Rose Gold and dark blonde hair with their hair in two top buns. They are blowing a bubble.

Why oVertone Rose Gold Coloring Conditioner?

Rose Gold could not be more trendy and in right now! To me, everything looks great in rose gold. Little did I know you could have rose gold hair without spending a fortune at a salon to only have it wash out after a few shampoos. Achieving blonde hair can take hours and a lot of money in a salon, and the thoughts of switching your hair colour up is always there but actually making the permanent change can be tough. That is why I love and am totally obsessed with oVertone, I can create any hair colour while still maintaining my base blonde. I can do a full head of rose gold, a few strands, just the tips, dilute the Coloring Conditioner or let it fade on its own. The possibilities are endless and so much fun.

Image of the back of a person's head showing their short blonde and rose gold hair.

How Did You Apply Rose Gold oVertone?

The process is so simple! Apply the Coloring Conditioner on dry hair — you can use gloves if you are afraid of staining but it usually just tints my nails for a little. You can apply the Coloring Conditioner on its own, or dilute it with The Remedy For Fine Hair to have a less vibrant effect. I switch mine up just depending on my mood. This is where you can have fun and play around to see what you like.

Then, wait 10-15 minutes (drink some coffee, watch some videos, read a book, whatever!) and then rinse in the shower, making sure to get all of the conditioner out — don’t be afraid to work the conditioner out, this won’t take away from the colour pay off!

At the beginning of my oVertone journey, I started off applying it almost as highlights, here and there for pops of colour. That quickly changed as I became obsessed and wanted more and more colour.  

The next time I just did the bottoms to create an ombre balayage affect. I sectioned off parts of my hair as if i was curling or styling my hair, I took down more layers and added to my hair working my way to the top of my head. I didn’t tie my hair back since I had chosen which pieces I wanted to be coloured.

Image of the back of a person's head showing their short blonde and rose gold hair.

Another way to colour the hair is going all out! I still section pieces off so I don’t miss any, but instead of being careful about colour placement I take a decent sized scoop into my hand and apply all over, working from the bottom layers up. I then pull my hair back to a bun or ponytail and allow the colour to sit for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse!

What Makes oVertone Your Go-To Hair Product?

What’s so great about oVertone? Where do i even begin? First off, they use plant-based oils to strengthen your hair while adding colour. The products smell amazing and leave your hair feeling silky smooth. The semi-permanent colouring process takes up to 15 minutes, and you can do it ALL from home, even ordering the product can be done in your pjs and shipped right to your door. oVertone products are all vegan and cruelty-free! There isn’t one thing I don’t love about oVertone, that’s the truth. I am always wanting to switch up my hair, but I am a mom and my time in the salon is limited and can be pricey. I can do this whole process while my son naps or watches one episode of Spongebob, how perfect is that?

Ready for subtle Rose Gold Color?

If you’re feeling inspired by Brooke’s dreamy shade, we’ve got everything you need to get started. Simply mix one part Rose Gold Coloring Conditioner with one part The Remedy for Fine Hair, apply to dry hair, wait 10-15 minutes and rinse. Then send us a pic to #overtonecolor, because honestly we’d love to see it. 

If subtle Rose Gold isn’t your thing, you can subdue any of our Coloring Conditioners with The Remedy or The Remedy for Fine Hair to create the perfect muted hue. 

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