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how to use oVertone

How to Recycle oVertone Bottles in the USA

Wondering how to recycle your empty oVertone containers? See below for recycling tips and learn a little more about our efforts to be more sustainable.

Recycling Coloring Conditioners & The Remedy

Most local recycling programs accept #5 plastic that’s clean and dry, but we recommend calling your local recycling facility to make sure they have the capability to recycle your empty jars. Once you’ve confirmed recyclability, rinse out your oVertone container and put the lid and jar separately in your recycling bin.

Recycling Daily Conditioners 

Bottles can go into your recycling bin after you’ve removed the non-recyclable caps and rinsed thoroughly.

Recycling The Fader

After rinsing, separate the tube and cap and place both into your recycling bin.

How We’re Working Towards Sustainability

  • Our Coloring and Daily Conditioner jars, lids, and bottles are made from virgin resin which is 100% recyclable
  • Our Shampoo tubes are partially comprised of special sugarcane resin that is made from a renewable resource and are fully recyclable
  • Our packaging tissue paper is made from 50% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable
  • Our fiber-based packaging is a renewable resource 

Our packaging posters are printed with soy-based inks, and are Print Releaf Certified

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