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how to use oVertone

How To Create Custom Ombre Hair At Home

Looking to refresh a faded ombre? Want to give a DIY ombre try? We’re here to help. Scroll below and learn how to recreate custom ombre hair at home using nothing but gloves, a dash of creativity and a few jars of oVertone.

Prep For Color Success

Before you color your hair, make sure to prep your area for a mess-free, stain-proof experience. Here’s what you’ll need: 

How to Create Your Ombre Hair: 

  1. Section hair into 3 or more segments. Apply color from the bottom section up. Pro Tip: Open each shade and set it on your work space for easy access and less mess. 
  2. Apply your first Coloring Conditioner to your roots and crown. Work down a few inches, as desired. 
  3. Apply the second shade to the midsection of your hair. Work color into strands thoroughly.
  4. Apply the third shade to the ends of your hair, make sure your hair is fully saturated before moving on.
  5. Go back and blend the overlapping sections, making sure each section is even and all shades blend into the next.
  6. Repeat the above steps on each remaining section, finishing with the top layer of your hair
  7. Let your color sit for 15 minutes and watch this amazing YouTube video while you wait. 
  8. Rinse with warm water and squeeze excess water out with a color-resistant towel to avoid stains.
  9. Style, take a pic and share it with us! #overtonecolor

Watch Some Hot Ombre Hair Action

Check out this video to see how fast and easy it really is to create your own three color ombre. Wanna recreate Elise’s tropical inspired look? Watch the video and grab oVertone Vibrant Purple, Vibrant Pink and Vibrant Orange now.

Customize Your Hair Color

Mix and match the colors you want! Stay within color families, so your blend looks as spicy as your final result, like these: 

Want to Try a Sombre?

If you’re looking for a more subtle look, pick one shade and apply it over your entire head, covering both your unlightened hair + bleached ends to create a gorgeous tone-on-tone combo.

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