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Tips For Achieving The Perfect Silver Hair Color

You know that feeling you get when you see someone with a perfectly icy silver hair color? It’s hands down one of coolest shades, but to get this envy-inducing hue by yourself, you have to know how to do it right.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you transform into a cool AF ice queen.

Platinum-Haired Pals:

If you have cool-toned platinum hair, you’re already halfway there. All you need to do is grab an oVertone Silver Healthy Color Duo in the vibrancy you like best to achieve and maintain the shade of your dreams.

Image of a person with long curled hair. One side of their hair is an extreme pink hair color, the other side is a silver hair color.

Blonde to Medium Brown Hair Honeys:

Even blonde hair needs to be lifted to achieve a perfectly silver shade. So if your hair is darker than platinum white, pick up that laptop and schedule a pre-color bleach session at the salon. 

If your hair turns yellow, make sure to neutralize your shade before you go silver. We recommend our Purple Toning Conditioner to wash away any gold undertones and hydrate your strands in minutes. 

3 images showing a Pastel Silver Coloring Conditioner, a person with silver hair color, and a bottle of Pastel Purple Daily Conditioner

Brunette and Black-Haired Babes:

Going silver without frying your hair is a process, but taking the time to gradually lift your hair instead of heading straight for the bleach is 100% worth it. Our advice: Set up a consultation with a professional stylist and devise a customized dark-to-platinum game plan. Sure, it might take longer than you want, but when you reach your final silver destination, you and your hair will thank us. We promise.

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