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How To Get Silver Hair

You know that feeling you get when you see someone with the perfect silver hair? It’s easily one of the coolest shades when pulled off *just right*. And while we think Silver is a shade that compliments everyone, it’s probably one of the harder colors to achieve without a little help and/or pre-lightening.

Find out what you need to make this effortlessly cool color your very own.

If Your Hair Is Platinum Blonde: 

Perfect! While your hair is the perfect blank slate for Silver, we highly recommend toning before applying your Coloring Conditioner. Luckily, we have everything you need right here

If Your Hair Is Not Platinum Blonde:

Unfortunately, there’s no way around it—you’ll have to head to the salon to have a professional pre-lighten your hair. While we wish it wasn’t the case, it’s just not possible to achieve Silver hair on any shade darker than white/platinum blonde. 

If You Want To Customize Your Silver Hair: 

Silver is a shade that plays well with others. That means you should feel free to add Blue, Pink, Red—basically any shade you have your eye on in combination with your Silver hair. 

Grab everything to need to achieve the perfect Silver shade right now.

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