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how to use oVertone

How Celebs Switch Up Their Shade Without Damaging Their Hair

Ever wonder how stars like Zendaya, SNL’s Chloe Fineman and Taylor Swift change their hair so often, without totally frying their hair? We know their secret. 

It’s semi-permanent hair color. And some of them even use oVertone (we see you Chloe 💖). 

Source: Taylor Swift, Instagram Chloe Fineman, Instagram

Why do celebs love semi-permanent color-depositing conditioners like oVertone?

🌈 They’re easy, healthy and basically commitment free

🌈 They give you the freedom to play with color and try out trendy hues

🌈 They fade gracefully, bit by bit, every time you shampoo

🌈 They don’t damage your hair or dry out your strands

🌈 They’re beginner-friendly and easy to use 

🌈 oVertone is a 2-in-1 hair mask and hair color, so it makes your hair hydrated and healthy every time you switch things up

Ready to try a new star-inspired hue?

Keep scrolling.

Go with Zendaya’s 2018 copper Emmys look

What you’ll need

Red for Brown Hair and Orange for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioners 

Copy Taylor Swift’s blue and pink streaks

What you’ll need: 

Our Pastel Pink and Pastel Blue hair dye alternatives

Try one of Chloe’s shades

We recommend starting with Rose Gold

Want to try a new shade but not sure how to fade your current shade? Read this blog and grab a bottle of our cult favorite The Fader Shampoo.

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