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how to use oVertone

Everything You Need To Know About oVertone

You’ve probably heard us describe our products as “color depositing conditioners”, but what does that really mean? How long does the color last? How long does it take to apply? What really makes it different?

Let’s break it down together.

First of all, how is color depositing conditioner different from traditional dye?

oVertone conditioners are not dyes — they’re pigmented conditioners! Dyes contain chemicals formulated specifically to dry and break open the hair cuticle to deposit color, and oVertone conditioners contain none of those chemicals.  Instead, we’ve stuffed our products full of hair-healthy ingredients, like coconut oil, avocado oil, and shea butter, to help keep your hair nourished and hydrated.

What’s the difference between oVertone’s Coloring Conditioner and Daily Conditioner?

It’s all about how they work together. The Coloring Conditioners pack the strongest punch – they have our richest, most hydrating conditioner formula, and also contain more pigment for brighter results. For both of these reasons, we recommend that you use our Coloring Conditioner once a week as a hydration and color pick-me-up, or when coloring hair for the first time. oVertone’s Daily Conditioners, on the other hand, are meant to be used more frequently. They still have those classic hair healthy ingredients and gorgeous color we love, but in a formula that won’t weigh down your hair. Use our Daily Conditioner whenever you would wash your hair – it will make sure you stay bright and fresh from day to day.

How long do they last?

That part is up to you! Our conditioners are not formulated to be a one-time application like a dye, so maintenance is key. While you can add color to your hair with our Daily Conditioners and Coloring Conditioners, they are designed to gradually replace the pigments you lose every time you wash your hair, so your color is perfect every single day, whether you were in a salon four days ago, four months ago, or never! You can apply once and enjoy the natural color fade out over a matter of weeks depending on your lifestyle, or you can apply regularly using our Healthy Color Duo and keep your color bright and fresh.

Do I need to go to the salon first?

Depends on the results you’d like to see. oVertone was originally created as a color maintenance product (see more in our About Us!) to use at home to maintain a color created in a salon setting. Many of our clients see a stylist to bleach their hair to get it lighter so they can achieve a specific color result, like Pastel Purple, but it’s totally possible to see some results on most hair colors without seeing a professional. Be sure to look at our examples (listed on every product page in the image gallery) to get an idea of how our colors will look on you! Keep in mind – the darker and smoother your hair is, the more subtle your results will be.

What’s the best way to choose a color?

There’s a really simple way to think about how to pick the color that’s right for you! oVertone Coloring Conditioners and Daily Conditioners work just like a marker on construction paper – they deposit color without changing the color underneath. So just imagine your hair color as a piece of paper – all the shades it might have from the root to tip – and then imagine our products as the marker! Check your thoughts against our examples on the colors you’re most interested in. Remember – the darker your starting hair color, the more pigment you will need for it to show!

Does oVertone work on all hair textures?

Absolutely! All textures, always. The uniqueness of your particular hair texture, be it 1a or 4c, will add to the personality of your color! We are curl safe – check out our mentions on Naturally Curly and our Essence Best in Black Beauty Award!

How long does it need to sit to see results?

We recommend that our Daily Conditioners stay in for about 3-5 minutes, and our Coloring Conditioners about 10-15 minutes. If you like to relax with color in your hair, you can leave it in as long as you like – no harm will come to your hair. If you’d like to see the brightest results possible, apply to dry hair. If you prefer convenience, wet hair works well too. And feel free to rinse off with hot water – we’re not about that cold shower life. oVertone has always been about making colorful hair fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around.

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