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Molly Burke: Advocate and Magenta Icon

It’s not hard to fall in love with Molly Burke — the YouTube star with hair as bright as her personality. While some may have been creatively derailed by losing their sight, Molly not only continues to perfectly execute inspiring content, but also inspires and advocates for inclusivity and accessibility within the vision-loss community.

Determined to continue to pursue everything she loved before going blind at the age of 14, Molly started a YouTube channel and dedicated it to beauty, haircare, and vision-loss advocacy. Her videos are refreshingly real; Molly is never afraid to try a new color or find the humor in her situation. 

While we may be biased, we think her hair color update videos are some of the best on the internet, so naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with her to create an ethereal ombré look using all three shades of our newest color, Magenta. We had a feeling her stylist, Briza Bot would nail it, but the final look far surpassed any expectations we could have had.

A person with 3 shades of Magenta hair turns and smiles, facing the camera.

  Make your hair an ombre Magenta dream like Molly’s through these simple steps:

1. Start with platinum hair color, sectioning hair into equal thirds from top to bottom.

2. Working from the roots down, apply Extreme Magenta to the top section of hair. Make sure to saturate evenly.

3. Next, apply Vibrant Magenta to the middle section of hair, being sure to blend where the two shades meet. 

4. Then, apply Pastel Magenta to the third section, making sure to blend again, and saturate the ends

5. Kick back and relax for 10-15 minutes ⏰

6. Jump in the shower and rinse with warm or hot water until it runs clear, style as normal, and tag us in your pics

A rotating GIF shows 3 different shades of Magenta in their containers and as 3 separate smudges. It also features a person with Magenta hair and their profile towards the camera. A person holds a container of Pastel Magenta coloring conditioner.

Ready to mimic this style? Get your Magenta Coloring Conditioners here: 

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One comment on “Molly Burke: Advocate and Magenta Icon”

  • Sabrina says:

    Love it! First fiery color I’ve seen that can reflect a Leo’s passionate, vivacious personality! 😉

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