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How To Transition To A New Color

So you’re ready to try a new shade—we can’t say we blame you, there are just too many good ones to try. If the only thing keeping you from your next hair color is your current hair color, we’ve got a few solutions that make transitioning your current shade almost as easy as applying your next one.

If you’re: 

Transitioning to a new color in the same color family

You should: 

Get excited. This is probably one of the easiest hair color transitions to make. Our main suggestion here is to let your current color fade as much as possible, and then feel free to apply your new color. 

If you’re: 

Going from a cool to warm shade or vice-vera

You should: 

Be patient. The best way to begin this transition is to fade your color as much as possible. We suggest using a clarifying shampoo once a week to help speed things up. Once your color is mostly faded, grab one of our Toning Conditioners and neutralize the remainder of the old shade’s undertones before applying your new color, or consult a stylist if you’re having trouble removing the last of the original color. 

If you’re:  

Ready for a new color NOW

You Should: 

Grab one of two colors, Magenta or Rich Black. Magenta is a bit magical because it contains both cool and warm tones. That means applying Magenta over your current color can help you transition into both the blue and pink color families. And Rich Black? We’ll as you probably guessed, this shade is pigmented enough to cover your current color—just consider it a shade commitment for a while though. 

Ready for your new shade? Grab everything you need to transition your current color and to create your new one right here: 

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