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How to Get Periwinkle Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Periwinkle is coming in hot as the “color of the year,” serving fairytale realness with its stunning pastel purple hue. Check out this step-by-step and get the deets on how to get this trending look!

It’s pastel hair season, and we’re putting playful coral, bubble gum pink, and icy blue back on the shelf to let Periwinkle have its moment. Appropriately named “color of the year”, Periwinkle serves fairytale realness with its extra flattering in-between shade that forms a stunning pastel purple hue. It’s breathing new life back into the pastel hair family, and our inner child is LIVING. But can you achieve this mystical top trending color from our oVertone Color Conditioner line? Just ask LA-based journalist and oVertone fan @ashley_unicorn! Ashley was ready for a change, so she took the color plunge to shake up her platinum blonde look. By combining our Pastel Blue & Vibrant Purple Coloring Conditioners, she effortlessly created this gorgeous Periwinkle hair from home. And now you can too!


Before starting, prep your area for a mess-free, stain-proof experience. Here’s what you’ll need:

– Gloves (we give you those)

Mixing bowl


– Cape or old t-shirt

– Freshly washed hair

– Hair ties // clips // bobby pins


@ashley_unicorn mixes our Pastel Blue & Vibrant Purple Coloring Conditioners for a dreamy Periwinkle pigment to use on her platinum blonde hair. You can combine different ratios of blue and purple depending on how you want your Peri— add more blue for a cool, mintier shade and purple to get that fairy lilac look.


Depending on your hair type and length, use clips or bobby pins to separate your hair into sections for easy application. Applying color from the bottom layers of hair up to the top is recommended, but you can start anywhere as long as you get full coverage.


Wearing the gloves provided, saturate strands with your dreamy Periwinkle mix and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. That’s enough time to make some tea, have a snack, scroll the gram, and cuddle your cat— but no face cuddles. Unless… *dreams of owning a Periwinkle cat*


Rinse hair with your preferred temp (yes, you heard right, it doesn’t have to be cold to get that dreamy Peri shade you desire), and squeeze excess water out with a towel to avoid stains, although these pigments are light enough that you shouldn’t have to worry.


Simply dry and style as usual. Voila! And just like that, you can have a fantasy look that’s light, timeless, and makes a bold statement.

The best part is that your hair will be silky smooth from the hair-healthy ingredients used to make our Coloring Conditioners, so it’s not just the Peri pastel highlights that make your hair look rich and voluminous. Don’t wait around for prince charming. Let your imagination wander and grab everything you need to create this mystical look. Make sure to tag us @overtonecolor. We want to see your “happily ever after” results! Need help with the mixing ratio or finding a shade that works best with your hair? There’s a color for you no matter your starting shade, and we’re here to help you find it.

Chat with us live or Submit a Ticket and let us know what you need, and one of our awesome team members will help you get the shade you need.

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