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Rose Silver before and after

How to Get Rose Silver Hair

Rose Gold not for you? Need something cooler-toned? Rose Silver may just be what you need. Our new Rose Silver kit combines Pastel Red with Pastel Silver, and allows you to mix it yourself to create an ombre, or to adjust the ratio as you need to make it more or less silver. As with any Pastel…


All About Our New Lilac Kit

Not quite purple, not quite blue. Our Lilac Conditioner Kit is our shout out to the indecisive. Go bluer one day, more purple the next. Or just mix ’em 1:1 for the ultimate lilac hue. Here’s how our model Kirah did it. (Prefer to watch the video? Click through to see it on YouTube.) Kirah mixed about 1/3 of a jar…


So who made our new poster, anyway? Meet Millie Sander, Graphic Designer.

If you’ve received an order in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that it now includes a gorgeous new poster with a quiz on the back – we KNOW you secretly love flow chart quizzes. But we couldn’t keep the secret behind this art to ourselves. It’s our pleasure to introduce an Australian up-and-comer in graphic design & illustration: Millie…


Meet the oVerlords: Anthony

Ever wonder what’s happening in (or on top of) the heads of oVertone’s staff? Each month, we’re getting one of our resident mermaids, unicorns, or aliens to dish on how they live boldly – and stay that way! This month we talked to Anthony, one of our Production Aliens! He’s a key player in keeping our…