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How to Get Split Tone Hair for All Hair Types

PSA: Choosing between shades is a thing of the past. Split tone has entered the chat. See how easy it is to achieve this look that gets twice the love.

Ready to change up your hair but can’t decide which color to do next? What if we told you that you don’t have to choose? Just rock the split tone look for the best of both worlds.

We know, we know, two colors can sound daunting to some, but seriously, this style is a revolutionary hair solution for those between colors or having a hard time deciding *cough* Libras *cough*.

The split tone trend is a wildly popular colorblock style circulating our IG feed and getting twice the love. More people are being drawn to the Cruella de Vil vibe, embodying the iconic characters’ baddie two-tone look but with a modern twist, and the results are stunning. This trendy hairstyle splits right down the middle, giving a gorgeous contrasting look so synonymous with our fave villain— and just like Curella, it’s stylish, eccentric, and ruthless taboot.

Meet @lalalindzie, split-tone queen and colorist extraordinaire, throwing twice the shade and looking fabulous. We know what you’re thinking, “Two colors?! That’s twice the work, twice the cost, and twice the mess!”

Negative, Ghost Rider.

It’s just as easy as using one of our Coloring Conditioners! You can experiment with this look in 6 simple steps and achieve head-turning results from the comfort of your own home. Plus, it’s mess-free AND will cost less AND be quicker than scheduling an appointment at your local salon.

Don’t believe us? See how @lalalindzie achieved her fresh AF split tone look with two of our Coloring Conditioners and just how easy it is for you to get the half and half look.


Find two shades that you’d like to color your locks. From high contrast colors, a pastel split, or even a trad black and white ode to Cruella de Vil for a truly bold statement. @lalalindzie uses Extreme Yellow and Extreme Green to get her half and half hair.


Split your hair down the middle to keep each color in its own lane. For best results, start with freshly washed, dry hair.


Use clips or bobby pins to separate your hair into sections for easy application. This will ensure that each half is colored correctly to achieve that colorblock of your dreams.


Wearing the gloves provided, apply color from the bottom layers up to the top. *Fade in Drake’s 2013 banger, “Started from the Bottom,” for maximum hype.* Start at the root and saturate each section until you achieve full coverage. Do ONE color and ONE side at a time! We don’t need your half blue, half yellow hair turning green. Unless you live your life on the edge, then, by all means, do you! Either way, let the color sit for 10-15 minutes.


Rinse the color out. It might seem daunting to rinse two colors together, but don’t fret! Even in the warmest of water, the colors won’t bleed.


Simply dry and style as usual to reveal your fantastic split hair color!

And just like that, you’re trending in your split tone. This style works in all colors and looks great on all lengths, cuts, types, and textures.

Go for high contrast mixing warm and cool tones to make your strands pop.

Extreme Purple and Extreme Magenta

Or maybe lighter hues are your thing with milky, silky pastel colors to give off a perfect pixie vibe.

Pastel Pink and Pastel Blue

Or sorbet two ways, living your life on opposite sides of the spectrum and coming together for an irresistibly delicious result!

Vibrant Red and Vibrant Yellow

And if color is not your thing, go for sexy neutrals with the bomb, natural shades that keep it professional but fun!

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So double up on your fashion points this season with a gorgeous split tone that fits your style and makes your haters do a double-take.

After all, Cruella said, “My only true love, darling. I live for split tones. I worship split tones! After all, is there a person in all this wretched world who doesn’t?” uh or something like that…

Need some help with your shade? Chat with us live or Submit a Ticket and let us know what you need, and one of our awesome team members will help you out!

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