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How to Do Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are an easy low-maintenance way to blend dark regrowth with your lighter ends, or to add dimension to your color. And they’re really not as difficult as they may seem: simply color your roots first, then your ends, then blend.

Our model started with wet hair, since this is the way she usually maintains her two-toned locks – in the shower after a good shampoo. (You can also start with dry hair if you find it easier!)

1. Section

You want to have access to all of your roots, not just the ones at the top. To do so, you’ll need to take a clip and clip up the top half of your hair. You’ll work on the bottom section first, and then let the rest down to finish off the top. If you have thick hair, you may prefer to split your hair into as many as five sections.



2. Apply your root color

As much as you can, try to apply color both on top of a section AND underneath it. This ensures you’re getting every part of every hair for even saturation and color.

Once you’ve applied on the bottom section, let the top down and work on that. Comb the product through your roots with your fingers, being sure to reach all the way up to your crown and anywhere you can’t see.


3. Apply your color to your ends and blend

Applying the color you use on your ends shouldn’t take very long at all. Make sure to blend where the two colors meet with your fingers, rubbing the two shades together. Blending will ensure you’re not creating a big band around your head.


4. Wait a few minutes, then rinse, dry and style

We used Extreme Purple and Vibrant Red Daily Conditioners.

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2 comments on “How to Do Shadow Roots”

  • Fish says:

    any tips on lightening without bleach? Trying to ditch chemicals but want a brighter shade.

    • oVertone says:

      Hey there! oVertone isn’t a dye, so it won’t lift or lighten your hair, though it can add colour to some shades of hair without bleaching. We recommend checking in with your stylist for the best help lightening your hair. In the meantime, you can send an email to our Color Consultants at for advice on getting to your dream shade x

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