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Which Remedy Is Right For You?

We all need a little extra hydration sometimes. So whether that means drinking more water or spending 10-15 minutes giving your hair a little in-shower TLC, we support it. In KEEP READING

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Hair Diaries: A Broadway Dresser’s Hair Color

Broadway dresser and all-around oVertone inspiration, LJ Wright tells us about her colorful routine, her favorite shades, and how she keeps looking great.

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How to recreate our limited edition Turquoise and Coral Shades

While our Limited Edition Turquoise and Coral Complete Sets are sold out, we would never just leave you hanging. Whether you hit the bottom of the bottle and need a KEEP READING

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Custom Color

Every oVertone experience is unique, but when you combine shades, your custom color is completely your own. See some of our new favorite mixes.

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Mix & Match

Magenta, the newest addition to our color collection, mixes surprisingly well with most of the existing oVertone shades. Get creative with custom blends.