hair tutorials

Custom Color

Every oVertone experience is unique, but when you combine shades, your custom color is completely your own. See some of our new favorite mixes.

hair tutorials

Mix & Match

Magenta, the newest addition to our color collection, mixes surprisingly well with most of the existing oVertone shades. Get creative with custom blends.

hair tutorials

Molly Burke: Advocate and Magenta Icon

It’s not hard to fall in love with Molly Burke — the YouTube star with hair as bright as her personality. While some may have been creatively derailed by losing KEEP READING

hair tutorials

Luck Of The Eilish: How To Get Green Roots Like Billie

How to get hair like Billie Eilish by using non-damaging oVertone Coloring Conditioners. See Billie Eilish’s newest look and the easiest way to get it.

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Around The Color Wheel With Our Coloring Conditioners

Margaret used oVertone’s products to keep their hair healthy while transitioning through the various shades of the rainbow. Learn about their journey.