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How To Build Your Perfect Color Care Routine

We’re giving you the rundown on oVertone’s complete line of products to help you create the perfect color care routine for your hair.  Step 1: Coloring Conditioners What Are They? KEEP READING

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How to Change your Hair Color from Bold to a Natural-Looking Hue

3 easy steps to change your hair color from Fantasy to Basic Fantasy colors are always fun, but sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics with natural shades. KEEP READING

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Achieve Pro One A+ Client Status

We all need professional help from a stylist every now and again and being a prepared and thoughtful client can help you achieve your wildest hair goals when you head KEEP READING

oVertone IRL

Behind the Chair with Pro Colorists & Stylists

At oVertone, we’re all about the color journey, and that includes trips to the salon. 2020 has given us the opportunity to experiment with color at home. Fun and exciting KEEP READING

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Using Our Platform to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

For generations, Indigenous communities in America have been deprived of the resources, respect, and honor they so deeply deserve. In honor of Native American Heritage Month, we celebrate Native American KEEP READING