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How To Maintain Your Shade At Home

No matter how bright your hair color is when you first apply your Coloring Conditioner, without replenishing that color, fade is inevitable. But the good news is, you can quickly KEEP READING

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Daily Conditioner Vs Coloring Conditioner: What Should I Use?

Question of the week: When choosing an oVertone conditioner, which one is right for you? Should you pick the Daily Conditioner, the Coloring Conditioner, or both? Let’s tackle this first: KEEP READING

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What We Do As A Company

Intersectional feminism has been a core value at oVertone since day one, specifically with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and representation. In order to hold ourselves accountable to this value, KEEP READING

who we are

Social Justice Resources

Here is an unfinished compilation of resources for those looking to join the movement toward a more equitable society, and/or seek support during traumatic events. This list will be updated KEEP READING