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Gender Equality Month: Q&A with Baby Tress Co-Founders, Aspen and Hannah

To celebrate Gender Equality month, we sat down to speak with movers, shakers, and badass beauty Aspen and Hannah Choi of Baby Tress. “Our mission is to create modern hair KEEP READING

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How a Beauty Editor Keeps Their Hair Bright Pink

Beauty editors like Kristen Bousquet have tried it all, and after searching for the perfect way to keep her pink hair bright and colorful, she’s found her holy grail hair KEEP READING

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How To Get Peekaboo Hair

Ready for a change, but not ready for anything too drastic? Try out this season’s hottest color trend, PEEKABOO HIGHLIGHTS. Versatile, low maintenance and easy to achieve, Peekaboo highlights are KEEP READING

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How Celebs Switch Up Their Shade Without Damaging Their Hair

Ever wonder how stars like Zendaya, SNL’s Chloe Fineman and Taylor Swift change their hair so often, without totally frying their hair? We know their secret.  It’s semi-permanent hair color. KEEP READING

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How to Safely Fade Your Hair

Ready to move onto a new color? If you’re going for a drastic change, fading your hair is a necessary step! Here’s how to safely speed up the process of KEEP READING