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We used Photoshop. Here’s why:

You may or may not be familiar with oVertone’s stance on Photoshop (we never digitally alter hair, bodies, or the results of our products), but it’s something we’ve felt passionate KEEP READING

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oVertone’s Co-founders Show Their True Colors

Here at oVertone, we’re perpetually inspired by the amazing things people do with our products, so it comes as no surprise that two of our biggest inspirations are our co-founders, KEEP READING

hair tutorials

How To Enhance Your Red Hair With oVertone

Looking to turn your naturally red hair up a notch? Look no further than this guide for everything you need for multidimensional, healthy red hair.

hair tutorials

Last Minute Halloween Looks To Die For

Whether you’ve been procrastinating putting a look together, or you’ve simply been lacking the inspiration needed to create a killer costume, don’t worry. Two of our most wickedly creative content KEEP READING

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How To Get Subtle Rose Gold Hair Color

If you’ve fallen in love with the rosy, golden hues that seem to be everywhere right now, we can’t blame you. We also can’t wait to help you achieve the KEEP READING