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Tone At Home With Our New Kits

Achieving your dream hair color is no small task, so when you start to see signs of brassiness in your blonde or light brown hair, a little maintenance becomes vital. KEEP READING

On Cloud 9 With Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink is one of those dreamy colors that makes you think of everything ethereal: fluffy clouds, sunsets, cotton candy. It also happens to be content creator Emily Wolf’s (@emilywolfbeauty) KEEP READING

hair care

The Hair Gift Guide

Shopping season is officially underway! As much fun as it is to secure the perfect gift, the anxiety that goes with having no clue what to buy is zero fun. KEEP READING

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Using our platform to promote equality through awareness

Since the establishment of oVertone, it’s been a top priority to not only acknowledge the advantages that allow us to exist, but to also use our platform to promote the KEEP READING

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Hair Diaries: Transitioning Shades with Demi Lucero

While some people might think of oVertone as a haircare company that specializes in helping people create the fantasy color of their dreams, we’re also pretty good at transitioning hair KEEP READING