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hair care

Brighten Up Your Balayage

Balayage and highlights are the perfect way to add dimension to your hair, but even highlighted hair needs a pick-me-up sometimes. Whether you want to brighten things up or add KEEP READING

hair care

How to Safely Fade Your Hair

Ready to move onto a new color? If you’re going for a drastic change, fading your hair is a necessary step! Here’s how to safely speed up the process of KEEP READING

oVertone IRL

Reviews You Can Use—What People Are Saying About oVertone

Still deciding whether or not oVertone is the right way to color your hair? We can go on all day about the benefits, but don’t just take our word for KEEP READING

hair tutorials

How to Brighten Naturally Red Hair

We spend a lot of time talking about blonde and brown hair on this blog, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t  looking out for red hair too!  As a redhead, KEEP READING

hair care

How to Cancel Out Green Tones in Hair

Ah, green! The color of Spring, growing things, and… hair mishaps? Whether that Silver you attempted didn’t come out just right, or a dip in the pool turned your blonde KEEP READING