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oVertone Awards + Press

We’re pretty proud of every oVertone product, and seeing the oVertone community embrace them is the icing on the cake. But, we’d be lying if we said that winning awards KEEP READING

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Family-Friendly Quarantine Color

If you’ve run out of projects for the family, we’ve got the perfect activity that everyone can get involved in: hair color. @jillpaintsdenver might be a pro when it comes KEEP READING

@lulustone_ x Orange for Brown Hair

Sure, trying something new can sometimes be nerve-racking, but trying something new that’s easy, vegan, and cruelty-free? That’s a “risk” we’re willing to take. Lulu Stone (@lulustone_) was nervous about KEEP READING

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How To Maintain Your Hair Color In The Summer

If you’ve been maximizing your time outside or going for a swim, we can’t blame you. The only downside to spending so much time outdoors is the possible decline of KEEP READING

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oVertone vs Traditional Dye. What’s The Difference?

oVertone is a Coloring Conditioner, not a dye. Now that we’ve covered that super important piece of information, let’s move onto the things that make them different. While on the KEEP READING