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We used Photoshop. Here’s why:

You may or may not be familiar with oVertone’s stance on Photoshop (we never digitally alter hair, bodies, or the results of our products), but it’s something we’ve felt passionate about for years. In fact, we’ve written a few blog posts about why we choose to go sans Photoshop when it comes to our models and hair swatches.

Because authenticity is one of our guiding principles, we feel it’s crucial to be completely transparent when it comes to the fact we did use Photoshop to remove a product image in some videos, ads, and social media posts for our new Basics shades.

Why did we use Photoshop? Our photoshoot for the new Basics included a shade we were planning to release, but was ultimately pulled for further research and development. We are committed to the highest quality standards, and this particular shade needed a little more TLC before it was in ready-to-wear form. As a result, we felt it was in the general best interest to digitally remove all occurrences of the shade from our creative outputs.

Despite this lapse in a rule we take incredibly seriously, we hope that you, our oVertone community, feel confident in trusting us. And please know, when you see a visual on our website or in one of our ads, it is an honest representation of our products and our models. We stand by our commitment to never digitally alter hair, bodies, or the results of our products.
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